Monday, June 13, 2011

Naughty Girl For A Day - Flaming Junebug

I'm happy introduce today's Naughty Girls for the Day, Flaming Junebug.

 Flaming Junebug has become a great friend, she pre-reads a few of my stories, we gchat each other every day. Even though I tell her NO MORE, she almost daily linking me to a story I must read, if I lived to be 100 I would never be able to read all the stories she has rec'd me. Her recs never disappoint!

You can find her stories on on FanFiction,
 she has a few Oneshots and a Carlisle/Bella  multichap called Pigtails and Lollipops.


Voyeur by: GothicTemptress

Summary: A demure princess visits Cullen Castle. She discovers a few things about the inhabitants and Prince Edward discovers that beneath her veil, a dangerously inquisitive creature lurks. A pervy One shot in honor of the Royal Wedding!

What do you feel when you hear the sounds or see the action? Does it warm you? Does it leave you wanting? In this one-shot by GT, Princess Bella is not the only one who enjoys watching...

"She welcomed the opportunity to look at her world without the veil that was required to be worn by maidens. In this hidden place, she was able to lift the veil that was imposed on her and look at the world in a new, unhindered and unfiltered manner."

Rapture by: AydenMorgan

Summary: In the blink of an eye, her ballet career ended. His as a DEA agent is now on the line and lives are at stake, but when they meet on the dance floor, nothing even compares. Can they work together to stop the Volturi or will rapture tear them apart?

FBIward meet Bellarina. Missing her dancing, Bella ascends on a club to have some semblance of what she once had. Yet, she never imagined her dancing including a nice big cock.

Prologue: March, 2010:

"The music poured through the gaudy club in waves, the bass vibrating through the floor and into the soles of her feet. It weaved through her body, awakening her and enticing her to lose herself in the trance-like beat and move.

She obliged, raising her arms over her head and swaying her hips carefully to the beat. Long dark hair cascaded down her back, glinting deep reds and dark browns in the pulsing, orbiting lights.
To the casual observer, she was simply enjoying the moment.

She knew differently… and so did he. She danced for him and only for him these days; her body priming her, opening her every sense… and leaving her poised and aching for what she knew he would do to her.
The music called to her like a Siren, hypnotizing and mesmerizing. It took over completely as her hips circled and her lips parted, her head thrown back to expose the soft flesh of her throat. The room fell away from her, erased completely in that moment of enrapture,. It was no longer enough just to move to the beat, though. She needed more.

She needed him."

The Greatest Gift of All by: theladyingrey42
Summary: Edward Cullen wanted. He wanted a thick cock in his throat and a sharp jaw beneath his fingers. The worst part? His wife knew it, too. Well, he thought it was the worst part, until for Christmas she got him exactly what he wanted: a threesome. PWP, E/B/J

From the author of Our Live Unbound, this little one-shot will leave you all tingly and needing a dry pair of panties. The question, now, is, would you be willing?

"Edward Cullen wanted.

Every time he saw those dirty blond curls and that sharp jaw, he was hit with the sort of lust that was almost crippling, a tightening in his abdomen and a dryness to his mouth. He wanted - wanted to fuck and to be fucked. Wanted salty, thick flesh between his lips.

He wanted Jasper Whitlock.
And his wife knew it, too."

I would like to thank Flaming Junebug for being our Naughty Girl for the Day!

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  1. I'm so glad you liked Voyeur as much as you did, FJ! Thank you for being the fabulous Naughty Girl you are! *grins wickedly*