Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - Through Dominant Eyes


Summary - Bella Swan struggles to make it from one day to another. Edward Cullen lives a successful life, but behind doors he is more dominant than one believes. What happens when he meets Bella and helps her in more ways than one. Can he change, or does she?

This fic is six chapters in, and so far the author is building the story. Edward and Bella keep running into one another and they are clearly intrigued by each other. We catch glimpses of Bella's controlling and demanding boss, and we get a scene with Edward and his submissive Tanya, who clearly wants more of a relationship with her Dom.

I like where this one is headed, and I'm anxious to see how tench11 is going to bring these two together. I'd love to see Bella indulge in Edward's dominant side. Can't wait for an update.

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