Monday, February 8, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - Dark Desires

Dark Desires by Darkspers Priestesses


Summary - DARKMETT* Emmett sees Bella and knows he wants her. A chance encounter at Dartmouth could change him forever. Can he fight the monster inside long enough to get what he wants? Can Bella stay away or will she be sucked in? AU Rated M for Lang/Lemons

Fic is being co-authored by Jasper's Sex Kitten and Jasper's Izzy (two of my fav authors).

So, I'm really excited about this one! It's a Dark Emmett. The goal of this blog is to feature all the dark characters of Twilight, and this story qualifies. We're even hosting a contest to flood the Fandom with more variety.

This fic is only a chapter in, but since I'm the beta on this one, I've read more than one chapter. It's going to be fantastic. Bella has a crush on Emmett Cullen, but she never lets him know. Emmett is intrigued by Bella, but he fights his urges. What happens when the Forks acquaintances meet up at Dartmouth? Lots of  delicious fun, I'm betting.

Go check out chapter one and leave the co-authors a review.



  1. Aww, thank you for this sweet. We hope everyone enjoys it.

  2. Thanks Darlin', I am happy you are enjoying it. I hope we continue to thrill you and our readers. *evil grin* It will be Emmett at his baddest...
    I love you and you're awesome!!