Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cullen818 Story Rec...She Talks to Angels


Summary - James captures Bella after the Cullen’s leave and turns her into a tasty treat for other vampires. Each night a faceless, blond angel visits her in her dreams. These are dark times for Bella.

This story is currently one chapter in, but already I'm captivated. James is one evil vamp and Bella knows it. He is forcing Bella to "entertain" other vampires, but in return he is supplying her current addiction.  Eventually, the story will move into a Jasper/Bella pairing, but for now I'm interested in how racejunkie will explore Bella's inner demons.

The story is posted on, so please give it a try and leave the author a comment.

Disclaimer - This is a dark fic, that involves dark themes. If that's not your bag then skip it!



  1. I am all kinds of curious now. I must read. Thanks BB

  2. i really hope you enjoy it. i'm working on the next chapter now.

    steph~thank you so much for the rec!


  3. *shiver* I'll try the 1st ch...but you know me...big wussperv *grin*
    Sorry I've been out of it for a bit ey :)