Monday, March 1, 2010

JasperDarlinKathy's Fic Rec


Summary  - Twilight, with Aro in Edward's place. After the death of his mate, Aro and some of his Guard follow the murderer to America. There, in a tiny town called Forks, he might just find his salvation, in the form of Bella Swan, a young, human girl.

So, I got this story in my inbox and I thought hmm, a Bella/Aro fic. I've read one before and I really enjoyed it, but this fic has me captivated. It's currently 11 chapters in and I must say that this is a story that should be considered a must read. Aro is absolutely amazing in this fic, not at all his rude and icy behavior that we have come to know, no he is kind and intriguing and fascinating, sexy even. ToryTigress92 definitely knows what she is doing. Bella is snarky and she delivers some rudeness in this fic, but I love it. I am so looking forward to reading more of this story.


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