Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Stories Need Love... After the Storm


Summary -A self-confessed, vampire-obsessed man, Jasper Whitlock comes across one such being one dark, stormy night. The vampire, Edward Cullen, affects his life in such a way that Jasper has to decide what he is willing to do for life and love. AU,E/J,dark

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Here at Jasper's Naughty Girls, we love this segment. It gives us a chance to rec a great dark story, and it gives the author of a relatively new story a chance to get some exposure. There are so many stories out there in the Fandom that it's impossible to find them all. So, if you have a story that fits this blog's criteria and you want us to pimp it, please email us the link and a banner if you have one.

Cullen818 - Let me start off by saying that I don't read a whole lotta slash, but when I do, Jasper and Edward are my favorite pairing. I love this one because it features a dark, vamp Edward and a self-proclaimed, vampire obsessed human Jasper. How unique! This fic is not only well written, but the plot is thought out and each chapter flows seamlessly into the next.

I love the premise of this story and how tjbaby brings these two together. The last chapter had me actually feeling how much they love one another despite what's going on in their current situation. They have much to overcome and many obstacles are in their way. The fic is currently ten chapters in, but I promise it will leave you wanting more. Stop by and check it out, and don't forget to leave a review!

TwiCarol - This fic is very well written and draws you in from the beginning. It is dark, different and intriguing, and will definitely leave you wanting more. It certainly deserves more reviews than it has right now, so please go leave it some love. Vamp Edward and human Jasper... mmmm... go on, you know you want to read it!

JaspersDarlinKathy -  Tjbaby is an amazing writer and the story pulls you in from the very first sentence. Once you're pulled in, you'll never want to be let go. Edward and Jasper are unlike any others and I am so happy to be reading this fic. I can't wait to see where she takes these two favorite characters of mine. If you haven't started reading this fic yet, you clearly don't know what you are missing, but let me just say that you are missing one hell of a story and that just sucks for you. Go ahead and read, you won't be sorry.


  1. Hey I'd just put this on my list of things to read. She's a cool chick ♥

  2. Thank you ladies for a lovely write-up.