Thursday, March 4, 2010

You'll Be Mine...

We's been a long time coming, but tonight is your lucky night! We are updating You'll Be Mine in a few hours, so if you need to go back and reread chapter 15 go right ahead. We think you will be very happy with what we've come up with. It's one hell of a road trip for our triangle. What is Edward going to do to provoke Jasper? Can Jasper control his rage? How will Bella handle it all? You'll find out soon.

So, RL got in the way for both of us, but we have so much planned for this fic. We will not abandon it, we promise. Just be patient with us. Darksper and Darkward take a lot out of us!

Stephanie and Kathy

Banner made my our very own TwiCarol!

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  1. TwiCarol I saw that banner & was immidiately drawn to it. It's awesome!!!