Monday, April 12, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - Be My Biggest Fan


Summary - Lead guitarist Jasper shows Bella what she's been missing in her long term relationship. Will a one night stand become an ongoing affair? Or maybe something more? AH. AU. Contains MA content.

This is such a fantastic piece of FF. It started out as a o/s, so chapter one is a whole story in itself, but the author decided to continue on, and you'll be so happy that she did. Crash Hale has a way with words. I adore anything she writes, but this story left such an impression on me. To watch Jasper grow as a character in this fic was truly amazing. He starts out as a wild boy in a band who has a knack for one night stands, but Bella seems to change all of that. This fic also contains some of the hottest J/B lemons I have ever read. One of my personal faves takes place on a dining room table in a hotel room. I'm just saying...

This isn't a very long fic, but the plot is well developed and the story flows so perfectly. You could read this in one sitting, and if you're a true Team Jasper, I bet you'll read it over and over again.  I want to take this Jasper home. This really is one of those fics where you'll find yourself saying, "I wish I was Bella!"


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