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Tears of Gold by racejunkie
Chapter 26

“Jasper, is there something you want to talk to me about?” the general asked.

Jasper nodded. “Yes, I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be going on anymore raids. I’ve got a wife and a child on the way now and I can’t take the risk of not being here for them. I really hate to do this to you, but I have to put my family first.”

The general put his arm around Jasper’s shoulders. “Captain, you have done an excellent job for our cause. I know my men and I appreciate everything you have done for us so far. Don’t think another thing about it and concentrate on that beautiful wife of yours.”

Jasper let out a breath of relief. He truly hated to stop the raiding, but he knew that Bella needed him with her. “Thank you, General. If there’s anything I can do from here, please don’t hesitate to ask. You know I believe in everything you’re trying to do.”

“I know, son. You’ll be the first person I come to.”
The two men strolled back into the ballroom, Jasper’s eyes immediately searching for his wife. He smiled when dark brown eyes locked in with his. He walked quickly to her side, putting his arm around her waist. “Everything ok?” he asked.

“Well, well, well. So this is the child that has captivated Jasper’s attention.”

Jasper’s body tensed up as he tightened his hold around Bella’s waist. He slowly spun them around and Bella felt all her insecurities bubble to the surface as she stared into the black eyes of a very beautiful woman. She was several inches taller than Bella and had a voluptuous body. Her skin had an olive tint, her black eyes slightly slanting at the corners. Her red full lips were curled up in a fake smile.

“Maria, what are you doing here? I didn’t realize that Carlisle and Esme had invited you.” Jasper’s jaws were clenched tightly in anger and Bella reached up to caress his cheek with her hand. He glanced down to look into her face and smiled, although it didn’t reach his eyes. He kissed the top of her head, inhaling her powerful scent, and turned back to face Maria. He stared at the woman he had once loved and shook his head, nothing about her appealed to him now. She couldn’t compare with his Bella. “Well?”

Maria’s eyes narrowed as she took in the loving exchange between Jasper and Bella. She quickly recovered and fluttered her eyelashes at him. “I heard about this party and figured my invitation had gotten lost since I didn’t hear from anyone.” She looked Bella up and down, giving her a wide grin. “Where in the world did you find that gown? Don’t tell me Jasper has gotten cheap, he never had a problem spending money on me.”
Chapter 18


I gathered Bella’s things and got her settled in bed. She was in my arms and asleep in seconds. I hardly had to assist her, but I made sure she was in a deep sleep.

Peter walked in and sat on the chair across from me. I stroked Bella’s hair and tried to stay calm.

“She shouldn’t be here,” he said.

“I can’t be away from her,” I said.

“I don’t know if I can help you,” he said. “I want to because as crazy as you are, I can see how much you love this human child. I don’t understand it, but I’ll support it.”

“Help me,” I said.

He nodded, but I felt his doubt.


“We should be landing soon.” I looked up at her and she was now looking back at me. As soon as our eyes connected her shield went back up, blocking all her emotions.

“You Okay?” I asked. She looked so lost, so small. It was a stark difference to what I was used to seeing from this new Bella.

“I will be.” She shook her head and looked out the window. “I always am.” She whispered. I could tell the loss of losing her friend was weighing heavily on her. They must have been close.

“How bad was it after we left you?” I couldn't help but ask. Seth, who had been sitting across the isle from us, got up and went to the front of the plane. I guessed he knew this was a heavy conversation and decided to give us some privacy. Bella had yet to look at me.

“I was pretty fucked up.” She finally turned and looked at me. Her bright crimson eyes held so much in them. There was so much pain and sorrow I could barely stand to look at her, but I deserved to hear this, to see this. It was after all caused by my own hand.

“I can't begin to tell you what it felt like, to believe he didn't love me anymore.” She hung her head in sorrow. “It tore my whole world apart, feeling so used and unwanted. I had always believed it, but when he left, he made my worst fears a reality.” My head was reeling from her confession. She had been lied to and deserved to know the truth.

“What? You mean Edward told you this?” She didn't move. “You believed he didn't love you? Of course he did, that's why he...”

“...left. Yes, I know that now.” She looked back up again and her expression made me flinch. There was such hatred in her eyes. I didn't understand why. “I didn't learn the truth until right before he... died.” She took a deep breath and I knew this was hard for her, but I hoped she would continue because things weren't adding up.

I leaned forward in my seat, not sure if I wanted to know the answers to these particular questions after all, but this had all started because of my thirst for the truth. I had to know.

“Did you see my brother before he died, Bella?”

Chapter 17


Rose and Emmett continued to do their little jealousy dance as they bickered in the front seat. I had a feeling they’d be having some really good sex tonight. I was pulled from my thoughts when Jasper placed his hand just beneath my skirt and rested it on my upper thigh again. I turned and smiled at him as I leaned in and pressed my lips to his. He tangled his free hand in my hair and pulled me as close as I could be to him without being in his lap. This movement caused his hand to slide up my skirt even higher, and now his fingers were resting between my thighs just at the bottom of my panties.

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