Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday

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Chapter 38

I pulled it together and headed back upstairs. I had to make things right with Bella, but as soon as I approached the hall I felt her overwhelming sadness and depression. I knew I was the cause of that; not Edward.

“Can you take me home?” She asked them.

She wanted to go?

“Charlie isn’t there,” Carlisle said. “Come stay with us and we’ll figure this all out.”

“I’d feel better knowing you weren’t alone,” Esme lovingly told her. “And, Jasper would want you close.”

I wanted her more than close; I wanted her here in our house where she belonged.

I moved to the doorway and locked my eyes on her. I could feel how much she wanted to be with me, so why would she go?

“You’re leaving me?” I asked, probably projecting the hurt I was feeling.

“I don’t want to, but,” she looked to Carlisle for assistance. I could feel her conflict. She was struggling to decide what she should do.

“We thought maybe you needed some space,” he suggested.

“Is that what you want Bella?” I asked. “If you tell me you want to go, then I’ll step aside.”


  1. Please Bella tell him you will stay! OMG I can't wait!

  2. The chapter is almost done. I hope to post soon:) Sorry I missed you on twitter. I know you were shocked! lol

  3. I am quite possibly becoming obsessed with this story ^^ Can't wait for this chapter to be posted!

    Love it :D

  4. Thanks Mary! I'm a bit obsessed with it myself. lol The next chapter is on it's way!