Saturday, October 9, 2010

TwiCarol Brings You Some Light In The Dark

Sweet Tooth by MacFlan

Summary - Come to Pink Cookie, where porn never tasted this good. Erotic baker, Edward Cullen has a new obsession in the form of Bella Swan. Will his buttercream satisfy her sweet tooth? AH, OOC, Comedy/Romance. Collab between BellaFlan and Mac214.

Well! This fic is so hilarious that it would have had me choking on my buttercream had I been eating it the way Bella does. The combined genius of BellaFlan & Mac214 in coming up with a fic about two REALLY interesting people finding love through pornographic pastries makes for a must read. Edward, besides his incredible talent in making these erotic treats, has fantastic hallucinations. Bella has an out of control eyebrow twitch that I would love to see in action, since I don't think my imagination is doing it the justice it deserves. And as for the complete perviness of Carlisle in this fic, well, you'll have to read it to believe it. He is awesome & gross, all at the same time! I won't even mention the glimpses of Esme we see. Wow! So go on, do yourselves a favor & get reading as soon as you can. I promise it will be worth it. Once again, I will advise against drinking (or eating) anything while reading this fic. Consider yourselves warned. See, we here at Jasper's Naughty Girls care about your health & wellfare. ;)

Found this in my googlings (was on Robsessed blog)... love it!
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