Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - Learning To Kneel

Every once in a while a fic comes along that I absolutely cannot live without. I'm excited to say that I've found one!

Disclaimer - This is an extremely dark and disturbing fic. It contains kidnapping and slavery.  This is for MA audiences and may not be suitable for everyone. This is also not the Jasper that we've all come to love and swoon over. You've been warned!


Summary - Bella finds herself ripped from her everyday life and specially selected and sold to Jasper Whitlock. Will she give in to him and his dark world in every way imaginable? Or will she resist and try to get back to her own? A/H Dark/Dominant/OOC

This is by far one of the darkest Jasper's I have ever read. He gives me chills, and that doesn't always happen when I read Jasper. The authors (Lady Blue Knight and Siobhan2006) have created brilliance with this portrayal of Jasper. There is nothing over the top about him. He's understated and I truly believe that's what makes him so effective. He never has to raise his voice to get what he wants and he always seems to get what he wants.

Bella has found herself in an extremely unfortunate situation. Her future is grim and dismal, but she fights Jasper every step of the way, no matter the consequences. Sadly, he is starting to break her. He deals with her disobedience in a rather disturbing way. He takes her to an auction so she can see what could have become of her had she not been hand picked for him...

"Please, please don't make me watch this Master, please!" I begged. I would do anything to avoid this. If I didn't see it, then it wouldn't be completely real in my mind on some level. If I saw it, I knew I'd see it behind my eyelids for ages and I didn't want that memory with me.

"Isabella, you spoke in your sleep of how it didn't matter that you weren't auctioned off and I wanted you to see, really see, how much better you have it with me, rather than with some stranger with morals that are way below even my own. With me, I provide you with a warm bed, nutritious food, nice clothes and easy work when I require it of you. I don't molest you or rape you or whore you out to my men. I don't beat you, either. If you want to know what a real beating is, we can visit Makenna next and speak with her. I've spanked you and slapped you the one time when you spit in my face. I tolerate being spit on by nobody. Had it been anyone else I would have pulled out my .45 and blown their brains out. I feel like you need to witness all of this as your punishment and so you shall or you will be punished again by a different method." He leaned towards me throughout his little speech until his face was close to mine, his eyes deadly serious.

Will his form of punishment work?  Or, will Bella fight against him even further? We're about eight chapters in, and I'm totally captivated. I'm not holding out for a HEA because I honestly don't know if this is that kind of fic. But to be honest, I'm not reading this for the romance or fluff (there is none). No, this fic is all about Jasper for me. If you like the dark, dominant men of Twilight and you can handle some not so pleasant themes, you should check this out. It's well-developed, has a strong plot, the writing is flawless and it'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

I"m so excited because the authors of this fab fic have given me a teaser to share with all of you...

He sat with me on the back porch while I reveled in being outside again. It

didn't happen often and when it did, I was usually on Jasper's little balcony

off of his room.

I looked to my temporary companion for a few moments, wrestling with myself

over whether or not to ask the questions that have been floating around in my

mind. Sometime during my internal debate, he caught sight of my internal

musings and decided to interrupt.

"Just ask if you're so curious. I can always just refuse to answer." He looked

to me out of the corner of his eye as he tipped his beer back.

"How did you and Stefan end up in Mexico?" It had been bugging me ever since I

heard them speaking Spanish, but having the Russian accent when they spoke


He thought about it for a moment, looking out towards the stables as he did

before glancing back and saying. "You eat on your lunch and I'll tell you."

I nodded easily and picked up one of my tacos, keeping my eyes on him as I


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  1. *sings* I love love love looooooooooooove, this fic!!!!! *ends singing to spare your ears*
    Dude, this fic owns my ass! Hands down the best DarkSPER i have eveh EVEH read. When Darkness Turns to Light has always been my favorite J/B story. ALWAYS! This fic changed that. It is quite possible my favorite FIC of all time! It's that good. So dark and haunting. I love how they have portrayed Jasper. He's so calm and collected. NOTHING gets by him. He shows complete control in all situations, even the really disturbing scenes. It makes me slap terrified of him. I can't wait to see where they take this fic. I want to perch on their computers and deny them food and water until the next chapter is written. It's THE fic I drop everything over and if peeps aren't reading it, THEY NEED TO BE!!! End of.
    Great Rec Steph! I know this fic will go places.

  2. Thanks Izzy! I found this fic from a rec you did a while back on DT! But since we tend to think alike, of course I'd fall in love with it:) It's my gotta read fic atm:)