Monday, November 8, 2010

Teach Me The Nasty Judge's Pick Author Interview - cass189

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing cass189, author of Unconventional Lessons, one of our Judges Picks in our Teach Me The Nasty Contest.

Please tell me a bit about yourself...

I’m a 21 year’s old, college student who is currently tackling a Master’s Degree. I’m a bibliophile, I enjoy writing in my free time even if it is just something silly and I love music as well.

What got you into writing Twilight Fan Fiction in the first place?

When I read Twilight for the first time I immediately loved Edward and the relationship between him and Bella. What was portrayed on the book just wasn’t enough for me, though, so I started reading fanfiction. There are some amazing stories out there that explore Edward and Bella’s relationship beautifully and that ultimately inspired me and made me want to write my own take on their story.

Tell us more about how you came up with the hot-as-hell storyline for Unconventional Lessons. Do you plan to continue it?

Well, when I first learned about the contest I began to write a one shot that featured Edward as a college teacher and Bella as his student, who he fell in love with. The main idea was for them to have a secret rendezvous somewhere forbidden on campus but that just wasn’t working. It seemed too cliché. I wanted something a little different.

The idea of Edward as a sex teacher immediately came to me when I thought about something that Bella needed to learn that wasn’t exactly considered conventional. Plus, I’ll confess, I enjoy both reading and writing smut, so what’s better than writing about a sex teacher that’s both dominating and sexy?

Some people asked me to continue it but for now it will remain as a one-shot. I’m afraid I have too much going on right now and not enough time to write a second chapter.

Which is your favorite pairing to read and to write? Do you prefer canon or do you dabble in other pairings?

Edward and Bella is definitely my favorite pairing to both read and write. They are my favorite couple from the books so I enjoy reading other people’s take on their relationship.

I prefer canon but I don’t mind reading a fic that’s non-canon as long as it’s a good one that catches my attention. I don’t usually write about non-canon pairings, though, probably because it becomes increasingly harder for me to imagine, for instance, Bella with someone else that’s not Edward.

Talk to us about what else you are working on at the moment.

At the moment I’m writing the final chapters of my story Midnight Train and working on updates for my other two stories: The Art Of Love and Our Fantasies. I’m afraid I haven’t updated them in a long time…

I’m also working on a second, and probably last, chapter for Crossing The Line, which was written for the Beyond The Pale contest.

What are some of your favorite FF stories that you can’t wait to see the updates for?

Right now I’m really enjoying Loner by Nilla79 and Take The Ice by Bellamarie117. I wished I had a little more time to read all of those amazing FF stories out there but unfortunately for now I don’t.


Thanks so much for answering my questions & for giving us such a great entry into our contest. It was a pleasure to read.

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