Saturday, November 6, 2010

TwiCarol Brings You Some Light In The Dark

Bad News Bella by 107yearoldvirgin

Summary - Her glass is half empty. His is half full. Together they may just cause an overabundance of…liquids. Seattle's #1 anchor and her new cameraman may be perfect for each other; if only the truth could be caught on film. ExB – AH - M

At 15 chapters in, this brilliant WIP by 107yearoldvirgin is well worth a read. As always, it is well-written, hilarious (as the banner indicates - say no more) and I love these characters just as much as each & every incarnation of Edward & Bella that she writes. This alone is the Preface to the story in BPOV & if this doesn't make you want to read it immediately, then I just don't know anymore (*shakes head sadly*)...

"We regret to report that the shit was lost at sea."

I stopped, my eyes growing wide as my mouth snapped shut.


Too late.

"Shit. The ship."

Silence in the studio.

"The ship was lost at sea."

Rose hung her head and covered her face with her clipboard. My co-anchor, Tyler, collected his papers and shuffled them into a pile, clearing his throat a little.

And Edward chuckled behind the camera as he zoomed in for a close up of my mortification.

The witty banter & UST will draw you right in from the beginning & keep you hooked as the story evolves. And now there's even a bit of mystery thrown in to make it even more fantastic. Go... go read it... NOW! You'll love it!

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