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Welcome to week 12!
We welcome Lizzylillyrose, AKA Vampiriss Lizzy from the Twi-Muse Blog!

Each week a picture prompt will be given. Write a drizzle (like a drabble) that is around 1000 words (or less) about the picture given.
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Title: The Driving Lesson
Beta:  kas90
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Rating: M


The Driving Lesson
I glanced at my watch and realised that my driving instructor would be waiting for me in the company’s underground car park.  I smirked to myself and grabbed my jacket.
“I’ll be out for two hours.  Hold all my calls, Alice; I’m not to be disturbed.”  I shot my secretary a smile and strode purposely to the lift.
My foot tapped impatiently on the lift floor, and I sighed at the way I knew I was soon going to feel.  Three months of lessons, three months of wondrous torture.  The woman was so sensual and enticing.  From my very first lesson I had felt the sparks flow between us - the constant flirting, the subtle, prolonged eye contact.
I loosened my tie and undid the top few buttons of my shirt as I wandered to the parked car.
I pulled the door open, threw my jacket onto the back seat, and was immediately hit with her scent. I breathed in deeply as I climbed into the driving seat.  I didn’t look at her; I knew she didn’t like me to meet her eyes.  She’d accused me of dazzling her the first day we’d met, and since then, she had insisted I keep my eyes forward and drive until she instructed otherwise.  Today would be no exception.
“Drive!” she stated.
I followed her directions and within ten torturous minutes we were parked in a deserted dark side street.
“I see you failed your test again,” she breathed as I at last turned to face her.
I nodded. “I keep doing something wrong.  Surely I must be your worst student ever.  Has anyone else ever failed seventeen times?”
She lifted her chin and pursed her lips together.
“Theory, Edward.  You failed on your theory questions again.  You missed out a whole section this time. Why?” she breathed as her fingers came across and traced along my stubbled jaw.
“I have to fail,” I answered.
She knew that I had purposely failed and watched my eyes as she unzipped her skirt and slipped it down along her stocking covered legs.  It was only as she lifted one leg to release the skirt fully that I saw her black stilettos.  The sight of her body held me captive with its movements and actions.  I knew to stay where I was, previous lessons had taught me that much.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing as it deepened in anticipation of what was going to happen next.
She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall open to drape casually around her shoulders.  Her hand caressed her neck before slipping slowly downwards, heading between her covered breasts, then moving even lower.  I watched in awe as her fingers laced along the top of her panties, and my eyes widened with lust as she caressed herself through the thin material.  Her free hand gripped the material of my shirt and she trailed it down my covered arm, snaking around my wrist so that she could reach across to palm my erection through my suit trousers.  Her expert fingers had my trouser button and zip swiftly undone, and she grasped my hardness and pulled me free from their confines.  Her thumb circled the tip of me, and I groaned loudly.
Her head tipped backwards and she moaned my name.  I couldn’t resist any longer; fuck this driving lesson.  I wanted to fuck my instructor.
“Bella,” I whispered as I shifted sideways and released my seat so that it shot backwards away from the steering wheel.
Her head turned to face me as a smirk crept across her pouting lips, lips that I launched myself at and met with my own.  Her hands slipped under the neck of my undone shirt, and she sighed loudly, shifting her body as she gracefully climbed across the gap between us and positioned herself astride my lap. I pulled at her blouse, ripping it down her arms and throwing it backwards to join my jacket.
I grunted as she slowly gyrated against me and grabbed her face with both of my hands and kissed her deeply.  She responded with equal need, our teeth crashing against each other’s as our tongues sought out their respective partner.
I whimpered as her hands ventured down towards my aching erection.  She caressed me a few times, pushed her panties to the side and positioned me at the opening of where I desperately wanted to be.  Her eyes flashed wide as she gradually sunk down on me.  I hissed loudly as I felt the warmth of her body envelope me completely.  She immediately started rocking, and I struggled to stop my hips from moving.  She had taken me so many times this way that I knew to wait.  It wouldn’t be long before I could join in and ram myself into her for as long as it took me to reach my release.
I watched her above me, her hair falling freely around her shoulders.  She was every man’s erotic dream; her breasts still confined, stocking covered legs and sinfully high stilettos.  The fact that she was still wearing her panties was an even wilder dream; it signified a need to urgently have me inside her. 
Her hands held my tie and she pulled on it, purposely tightening it around my throat, I stretched my neck backwards and growled against the added pressure, and her movements took on an urgency that signified I could release my pent up desires.  I raised my hips to meet her, my movements were repeated as she met each thrust with the crashing of her core against me and continued to hold her tight grip of my tie.  I breathed hard on each thrust, and my hands gripped her thighs tightly, guiding her movements now, positioning her to achieve the greatest friction for the both of us.
Bella moaned loudly and dropped her head against mine.  Her muscles contracted and pulsed around me, and I lost it, my actions took on a new forced urgency as I now swore loudly on each thrust.
“Fuck, fuck… FUCK!  I groaned as my release came and I shot into her.
Driving lessons were fucking amazing.
It would take me years to pass my test if I had anything to do with it.

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