Monday, January 17, 2011

Naughty Girl for A Day - Karen E Teague

Today we welcome Karen E. Teague. We're excited to have her with us because I've been meaning to rec her current fic. You'll find it at the bottom of her post! So, here's a little bit about this creative author...

Hi, I am Karen or as most people call me KareBear. I found Fan Fic in 2009 and have been writing and having fun with it. At first I did cannon pairing until I read my first non-cannon story with Jasper and Bella. When I read the books I had fallen for Jasper so it made sense to me to switch. I have this fondness for Poly stories so I do write a lot of Poly’s.

I currently have 11 stories on FF.Net under my main ID. I also have 2 Poly’s under another ID Kinkymommy.

Of my stories on FF the two that are my favorites and seems to be my reader’s favorites also are My Surrender, which started as a one shot for the Naughty or Nice Christmas contest held by the TwiMuses. People loved it, so much that I decided to continue it. This story is a Poly with the pairing of Jasper/ Bella/Carlisle this story also contains Bd/Sm.

Bella is a college student and needs to raise her grades in two classes. It turns out that the two professors are cousins, which made it easier for her to hit on them. What she did not known was that the three would fall for one another.

My next big story is Redemption Comes When Least Expected. This story starts out five years after Edward left in New Moon. Bella is in a mental hospital. Jasper using one of his many degrees becomes a doctor there and tries to bring Bella back to life. It takes more than him to bring his Mate back from wanting death.

I spend just as much time reading stories as I do writing. When I read I tend to read mainly Jasper/Bella pairing, but will read a great cannon story from time to time. When it comes to reading there are certain Authors that I follow and will read anything they write.

I love the Dark and Dominate stories. Some of the Authors I follow are Abbymickey24, Anadabyel who is also one of my Beta’s , Cullen818, Mynxi who loves to do the dark stories and Beta’s for me from time to time.




Summary - 18 year old Bella has always been at the top of her class even graduating early from high school and getting accepted to Dartmouth on a full scholarship. She enjoyed two years of great grades and loved college. Jasper/Bella/Carlisle

Ohhh...Carlisle/Bella/Jasper oh my!  This steamy fic is about three chapters in and was written for the Naughty or Nice Holiday contest, so the first chapter is pretty detailed and can stand alone. But, I'm glad Karen E. Teague decided to continue on with the story of Bella and her two dominant professors.

The story is moving along at a nice pace and she is developing the unique relationship between the three. They've already hit a major bump in the road emotionally, so I'm curious to see how it all turns out. I'm also told that there will be an outtake of the trio in the playroom written for the Fandom Against Domestic Violence Author Compilation too!

So, if you haven't already done so, give this one a whirl. It puts a new spin on the D/s fics,

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