Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Naughty Moments

Today's Naughty Moment comes from The Elusive Mr. Cullen by dariachenowith


"Do you want to conquer me?" I suggest. "Or be conquered? Fast and passionate, or slow and tender? Do you want to make love, or fuck me? Do you want to be fucked?"

His slight smile grows wider with every time that I stress the 'k' in 'fuck' but he takes his time answering.

"I want to touch you. Explore your body with my hands while you ride me. So I guess I want to be fucked."

Letting my own smile grow more seductive, I run my hands over his shoulders, then push on them until he leans back, but he stops me when I try to straddle him.


Leaning further into him, I place one of my hands on the lounge chair next to his head, and use the other to stroke up his arm while I brush my lips over his slowly. I feel them open for me, eager for more despite his obvious will to let me be the driving force of this encounter, at least for now. I tease him a bit by placing a few almost chaste kisses onto his chin and beside his mouth before I press my lips against his again, but just for a moment. I can feel him tense underneath me, his patience wearing thin, and get rewarded with a small sound coming from low within his chest when my next move is a quick lick over his lips.

The need to go on is growing stronger so I take the next step, deepening the kiss into a real one, flicking my tongue into his mouth and against his a few times until he reciprocates. Kissing is an art, and like I think he likes to excel at everything he does, this is no exception. I lose myself in the soft caresses and languid motions until I feel my entire body yearn for more, knowing it has to be worse for him already.

He doesn't protest when I let my aim stray, kiss, and lick my way down his throat, using my fingers to quickly unbutton his shirt to clear the way for where I want to go. His skin is deliciously warm under my hands when I push the fabric to the side, revealing his well toned chest, lightly sprinkled with hair. Kissing my way further down to his abdomen, I reach for his belt, and after undoing it work my way inside his pants.

From having been perched atop him for a while now, I've already gotten a good guess of how well he's endowed, but I still smile up at him for a second as I wrap my fingers around his cock and pull it out of his boxers. I would have smiled just the same if he'd had the smallest dick in the world – after all, it's my job to make him feel good about all this, and appreciating what he has to offer is an integral part of it – but it's nice not to have to lie about my enthusiasm.

With his cock already in my hand, my next step is obvious, but before I can do more than lean in and flick my tongue teasingly over his head, a hand on my shoulder keeps me from doing more. My surprise must be showing plainly on my face because he chuckles, but shakes his head.

"Later, gladly. But I want to touch you know, feel your skin under my hands."


I get the feeling that just like me kissing him earlier, he's now teasing me with his slow caresses. Letting my eyes drift closed I push my hips forward until I can feel his cock pressing against my pussy, then swivel them in turn with his strokes all over my body, soon feeling him grow hard.

I'm wet enough that I don't need any artificial lubrication right now, but once I feel him ready for more, I reach down to where my clothes lie and retrieve the condom from where I ditched it earlier. Unlike some first time clients who without doubt have read the fine print but think it's been a joke or something he doesn't even tense up when he sees me rip the foil and get out the rubber, before rolling it down his cock with sure motions.

His hands wander back to grab my ass when I raise my hips, supporting me just as much as groping me, and I hold his gaze while I line up his cock with my pussy and ease myself onto him. I really don't have to fake the moan that leaves my lips, and while the sensation of being filled is curing one itch, it fans on another, entirely different one.

I start to move on him slowly, first just rolling my hips back and forth, before I raise myself off him a little more each time. His hands stick to my lower body, kneading my thighs and ass, and grabbing my hips to urge me on more. I comply, shifting my weight so that now I'm holding myself perched over him with my hands on his chest, conveniently pushing my boobs together right in front of his face. He takes the bait and reaches for them, his fingers no longer stroking my skin but massaging my boobs now.

While until then he has been happy to stay more or less passive except for touching me, eventually he reaches the point where letting me lead doesn't satisfy him anymore. I utter a little yelp when he suddenly rears up, his arms coming around my shoulders, and rearranges himself a little so that he's sitting up now, our faces almost level. Grabbing his cock, I slide him back into me, just as his hand moves to twine his fingers through my hair so that I can't escape him when his mouth captures mine again. It's a needy, frantic kiss now, asking for more, neither of us wanting to hold back any longer.

I quickly match my motions to his when he starts to thrust up into me, the more intense friction created pulling more moans from me and his mouth can only stifle so much. His free hand drops to my ass now, pushing me further into him, and I try to grind myself against him as much as possible while my fingers dig into his back and shoulder.

Tension is rapidly building inside of me, and when I finally reach my orgasm, I just let go. I have a few clients who always need to come first, but he strikes me more as the kind of guy who enjoys the accomplishment of satisfying his partner along with everything else. True enough he pulls his head back from me, his eyes watching my face intently as I climax, so I let him see just how good he is making me feel. His thrusts turn a little more erratic then and he grabs my hips, and after a couple deep ones, he comes himself, holding me in place until his body goes slack and he sags back down into the chaise.

Panting heavily myself, I look down on him for a moment, the relaxed smile on his face a different kind of reward for me.

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