Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursday

Chapter 23 -From This Moment
I woke to butterflies kisses being placed down my spine. We were still naked from ‘practising for the honeymoon’ last night.  I couldn’t believe that this amazing, sexy, sweet man was going to be my husband in a few short hours.

“Morning,” Jasper purred.

“Morning,” I moaned as I turned so my back was on the mattress.

“In a few short hours you will be my wife.”

“I know, I will be Mrs. Jasper Whitlock.” I giggled.

I need to get used to being called Bella Whitlock. I was Bella Swan, then Bella Cullen, then went back to Swan after the divorce. I just hoped that I would stay Bella Whitlock forever.

Chapter 3 - Testing The Waters

His eyes met mine and I licked my lips, leaning slightly forward testing the waters. Before I could blink he closed the distance and I felt his warm lips up against mine. At first his lips were hesitant. I wrapped my arms around his neck, I felt him relax as I pressed myself against him. Our tongues began to move against each other more urgently now. He let out a moan as I licked his bottom lip seeking entrance.

“Bella, we should stop,” Carl said, he sounded a little torn.

I pulled away feeling a bit rejected. “Why? You don’t want me?”

“Believe me, wanting you is not the issue.”

“Then what is?” I inquired in a soft voice.

“I’m forty years old. And you are what, twenty-two at the most?”

“Age? This is about age? It’s just a number. You’re a very sexy man,” I whispered as I ran my hand over his erection through his pants. “This proves you want me.”

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