Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursdays

 Here are this weeks teaser:


Chapter 10 ~Do Woman Really Need All This Stuff~

The past few weeks were spent looking for a one bedroom apartment. We had finally found the perfect cozy one uptown. Bella was over the top happy about decorating it.

We discussed what furniture we would keep and what we would get rid of. We were going to keep Bella's bed because it was bigger then mine. Getting rid of mine was actually easy, A buddy of mine was thrilled to have a full size bed, I laughed that he was twenty-three and still sleeping on a twin bed.

So, we started to pack. It took me only a few hours; however, it took Bella days. I was shocked at the amount of things she had. Then she dropped the bomb shell, she also had a few things in a storage unit.

I drove her to the storage unit complex and we quickly found hers. She told me she hadn't been here since she dropped the stuff off almost a year ago. I was shocked as shit to see how full the unit was, this was certainly not a 'few' things.

When Two World's Collide by Lady Tazz/Jackson's Cupcake

Chapter 7 - Reality Bites


I laid back on the bed and my heart actually hurt. Jasper was gone; back to his world, and know it was time for me to get back to mine. I had the Perish premier next week and I would not be walking the red carpet with Eddie Masen.

I groaned as I thought of the hissy fit he was going to throw when I told him I was going alone. I just didn't understand why he can't get it through his thick skull that we are over. Sometimes I wished after our breakup we didn't remain friends. I think my life would be less complicated then. I thought of our dog Tanya and considered maybe I should just let Edward have her. Sharing custody of a dog is kinda strange and I think Edward suggested it just to keep a connection.


Chapter 8 - Feed Up Emmett's POV

Jake and I were shooting the shit when Rosy walked up to us. She asked him if he had any aspirin. Jake, the nice guy that he was, went in the back to get her some. That was when all hell broke loose. Apparently some guy tried to hit on Bella and Edward went all caveman and intervened causing Bella to freak out. Rose and I just watched it all unfold in front of us, trying very hard to hold back out laughter.

"Yes, but what the fuck was that? I can take care of myself," Bella said, and she looked pretty pissed.

"I just didn't want him touching you,” Edward said. I shook my head. The dude was digging himself a grave.

"Why? What's it to you who touches me?" she asked.

"Look, I know about the other night. I know you saw me and I'm sorry,” Eddie said.

I shook my head. God Eddie, you just cooked your own goose.

"If I knew you were going to stop by, I would've-" Bella cut Edward off.

"You would've what? Not picked up some random chic and waited for me?" she snapped.

"What do you want me to say?"

"Nothing, you owe me nothing. We are nothing to each other," she said as she stormed over to the bar.

Edward stood there frozen for a minute then called out her name.

Jake had just come out of the back and was walking towards us with Rose's aspirin.

"Hey, your name is Jake is, right?" Bella asked being very flirtatious.

"Yep, that's me," Jake answered and smiled at her.

I groaned. I had a feeling this was not gonna be good.

"Come closer, Jake," she said, I swore sex was oozing from her.

Jake then leaned in closer to Bella. She placed her hands on his face and pulled him in for a kiss.

Fuck, she has balls,” Rose chuckled beside me.

Fuck is right. This is not going be pretty,” I said to Rose.

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