Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday TwiCarol


Really, what can I say?  I'm not very good with words;) You know what I mean!

It has been a little over two years now and I'm still thanking you on a regular basis. Why? Because you have got to be one of my BIGGEST fans. I can still remember when you were reading Fate and you were reviewing after ever chapter. That's when you were sayitoutloud73. Remember?  Anyway, I'm so glad you decided to PM me because an amazing friendship was born. You've helped me through every writing stumbling block I've had, refused to let me bag more than one story, encouraged me to write several more, made me all those pretty banners and corrected all of my epic comma fails. And, you're hanging on with me as I get through the last chapter of PTMS. Now that's a good friend! I'm only sorry I couldn't write you a 4th installment.

Thanks for everything!!! Have an amazing day and a wonderful year. Take it from me fellow 1973' ain't so bad:)  Just think, in less than one month's time you can watch him crack the window sill. Now that's entertainment!


Happy Birthday TwiCarol, 
I hope your day is filled with lots of love, lots of of cake, and mostly lots of Edward!!!


A special thanks to the lovely IllicitWriter for the very sexy and inspiring Birthday banner!


  1. Thanks so much, ladies! This is a truly wonderful surprise, especially Mr. Hotness at the top of the post there. Yowza! Happy Birthday to ME! :P

    Steph, once again your words take my breath away. Thank you so, SO much for all the lovely things you said. I still laugh about sayitoutloud73 - it took me ages to decide on at the time, then I go & take the easiest route & call myself TwiCarol anyway. LMAO. And yes, I am totally taking your word for it that the age thing ain't so bad. ;)
    Thanks again for everything.