Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs... Ancient History by Shattered Glass Rose

Happy Tuesday!!! 

Today I want to share with you a wonderful Jasper/Bela called Ancient History by Shattered Glass Rose. 

Today happens to be the author's birthday, so Happy Birthday Shattered Baby!


Bella is at her wits end. She has to make a change. And when she does, everything changes. What does she do when her whole world is flipped upside down?

This story is 9 chapters in and grabs you instantly. It's starts out with bella in High school and she has a crush on a teacher.

Then we skip time to Bella being a married adult. Her life is a mess and she is forced to make some massive decisions that change her life completely. With help of her father, Jasper, and Emmett can she get her life back on track?
There is lot of twist and turn in this, so enjoy the ride.
Jasper is just so loving, caring, and sweet in this story. Emmett is a wonderful supportive cousin.

Warning: Verbal Abuse 

Anyone who have been verbally abused knows how things situation can alter the way you feel about yourself and how you per-sieve the world around you. Verbal abuse may not leave physical bruises but it scares one just the same.

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