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Lemon Drizzles

Happy Friday!!!

Two Drizzles today and they are both my favorite Cullen, Carlisle!

This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

The Friendly Skies by Lady Tazz

I was sitting in my first class seat waiting for the plane to take off for yet another out of town meeting. My assistant, Isabella, was sitting next to me fidgeting. I asked her to come along on this trip because I was hoping something would happen between us. We had been flirting for over a month now. Then, the flirting became more intense. She had rubbed up against me a few times and last week we shared a passionate kiss in my office. I wanted more!

I thought Bella was beautiful and sexy as hell the moment I laid eyes on her four months ago. Many nights, I have dreamed of her and what her naked body would look like. She also had the perfect lips, how I would love them wrapped around my cock.
“Mr. Cullen, can I get you anything?” Gina the flight attendant asked.

“Scotch on the rocks, please.” I answered and then looked at Bella. “Bella, would you like a drink, it may help you calm your nerves?”

“Yes, please. A glass of Merlot would be wonderful,” she answered.

“I will be right back with your drinks,” Gina said before she disappeared.
I looked around and noticed that Bella and I were the only passengers in First Class. Gina came back and handed us our drinks.

After the pilot came on, told us the weather and what time we would be arriving in Phoenix, the flight attendant went over the safety information.

Gina came over and said, “Make yourselves comfortable. If you need anything just hit this button.” Gina pointed to the call button. “I will lower the cabin lights, have a nice flight.”

The plane took off and Bella had a death grip on the arm rest. She looked completely terrified. I had no idea she had a fear of flying until we left the office. I overheard her cell phone conversation with a friend about her long term fear. I wanted to soothe her somehow.
“Bella, are you going to be okay?” I asked as I placed my hand over hers to try and calm her. Upon contact, I felt that familiar surge of what felt like electricity flow through my body and straight to my dick.

“I’m fine,” she whimpered.

Her body shifted so she was up against me; the only thing between us was the arm rest.

“Breathe, just take deep breaths, in and out.”
“Thank you,” she said as she squeezed my hand and downed her wine quickly.
She let out a deep breath and started to relax. She grabbed the magazine in front of her and thumb through it. I smiled as I went over some documents for my meeting tomorrow. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her playing with her empty wine glass. I took the last sip of my scotch and placed it on the tray.

“Would you like another one?” I asked.

“Yes, please.”
I pushed the button as Bella stood up and grabbed her bag from the over head compartment. She sat back down and started fumbling through it.

“What can I get you?” Gina asked.

“Another Scotch on the rocks and a glass of Merlot please,’ I answered her.

She nodded and then left. I watched as Bella was still trying to find something in her bag. She let out a frustrated groan.

Gina came back with our drinks.

“Thank you,” I told her and she nodded as her left.
Bella was still searching frantically for something in her bag.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked.

“No, I’m just looking for my lifesavers, I need something to suck on,” She stated.

Her words went straight to my cock and I let out a groan. I can give you something to suck on Miss Swan.

“What?” she gasped as she looked from my eyes to the bulge that was now in my pants.  She licked her lips.
Fuck, did I say that out loud? “I’m sorry-”.

She cut me off, “Don’t be, Carlisle. I think you are incredibly sexy and we are both adults,” she purred as she knelt in front me. She looked into my eyes asking for permission. “Please,’ I moaned.
She unbuttoned my pants and pulled my hard cock out, taking it in her hand and starting to stroke it slowly, too slowly.

“God, yes,” I moaned as she swirled her tongue on my tip. I thought I was going come right then. I groaned when I felt her warm lips engulf me. I watched her head as she bobbed up and down, taking me in deeper each time.

“You have no idea how fucking sexy it is to watch you suck my cock,” I panted. “I’ve wanted your lips on me since the first time I laid eyes on you.”
She let out a moan as she continued to worship me. “Christ, I’m so close.”

Her mouth was my heaven. She slid her mouth up and down, sucking me harder and faster than before,  taking me in deeper with each pass.

“Fuck,” I moaned out as I released into her mouth.

She sucked me dry and then released me.  As she looked me in the eyes, she purred. “I love your cock, Mr. Cullen.”
“The fasten seat-belt sign is now on. Please turn off all electronic devices and prepare for landing,” The pilot said over the loud speaker.

Bella quickly grabbed my tie and pulled me toward her for a quick, steamy kiss, before she got up off the floor and sat in her seat. After I buttoned my pants and straightened my tie, I leaned toward her to whisper into her ear. “Thank you, that was incredible. I can’t wait to get to the hotel, Miss Swan. Since you love my cock so much, it will be my complete pleasure to bury it deep in your pussy.
She shivered at my words and let out a small moan.

“I’m looking forward to it, Mr. Cullen,” she responded as she licked her lips.

Fuck me, this plane couldn’t land fast enough.


Elevation by VixenonFire
Her hand brushes against my ass, forcing me to grip the overhead compartment. It’s all I can do to keep from coming on the spot. For three days, I’ve thought of nothing but being back on this plane with the intoxicating stewardess named Esme. I just sat in my hotel room, envisioning her hands running over my smooth cock, melting me like butter.

“Can I be of any assistance, Doctor Cullen?” she asks.

Fuck yes, you can be of assistance.
“I can manage, thank you.”
She steps back and my cock instantly twitches in protest. I don’t dare turn around, afraid she will see what I’m desperately trying to hide. I keep my hands focused on the overhead compartment*just rooting through my bag for something I don’t need*to keep myself from rubbing the growing desire between my thighs. Thank God this is a private charter, and there’s no one else to witness my struggle.
“As you wish,” she replies, a slight trace of annoyance in her voice.

God she’s sexy when she talks like that
. It makes me crave her even more. Having Esme assigned to my flight is the only thing that makes the constant travel worthwhile. It’s just that, Jesus fuck, how am I going to cope with this arousal when she’s so close? It’s not like I can sneak off to the bathroom unnoticed.

I shut the compartment and scramble back into the seat before she can see me, wincing slightly as my hardness brushes against the stretched fabric of my pants. 

I can’t stop myself from doing it; it’s automatic whenever I think of Esme. My eyes close, and I reach down to stroke myself through the thin layer of clothing. A soft moan leaves my lips, serenading me with the sound of my own satisfaction. I need to explore the urges I’ve been pushing aside since boarding the plane.
I picture Esme in her tight, cropped skirt, luscious thighs barely peeking out from under the blue ensemble. Next are her breasts, always so tempting and inviting. I see myself buried in her beauty, her walls crashing down around my member as she rides out her pleasure. All these things force my hand to move faster across my visible erection, kneading the flesh as if it were a lump of dough to be sculpted into a confectionary masterpiece.

My cock begs for release with each vision, throbbing for a taste of the stewardess. I stop caring about the sounds slipping from my mouth. I let them run freely with no though of consequence. It feels too good to stop now. All I want is to relieve this tension, to rid my body of the arousal. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Esme gasps, breaking my concentration completely.

My eyes snap open and I come back to reality, all thoughts replaced by an overwhelming sense of embarrassment. I have no words to explain my actions. I can only stare at the blush in her cheeks. 

Green eyes survey me with a wary expression*something that shouts “Oh my God what is he doing?” But I can’t avert my gaze from the scarlet spreading across her face.

, she’s beautiful. Everything from the caramel hair that spills across her shoulders to the tightly nestled pair of breasts pushed up over her blouse just screams “Take me Carlisle!” And I want to take her. I need her wrapped around me so badly that I can’t think of anything proper to say. All I can think about are those breasts, those lips, and that slender body of hers pressing against mine.

“I can leave you be, if you’d like,” she says. For a moment, I see a glimpse of lust in her eyes, but I can’t trust myself to make that assumption
*not with my own libido in overdrive. 
She turns to walk away. “No!” I shout, scrambling to get to my feet and failing miserably as my erection shrieks in complete agony. “Please…”

“Hmm, maybe you’re in need of assistance after all.”

A blank stare is all I can offer before she’s leaning over me, straddling my lap like one might mount a horse. My mind spins in so many directions that nothing seems real; I can’t believe she’s on top of me, reaching into my pants in search of my swollen length.

Her lips crash into mine with a blinding force, propelling my fingers to dance through her hair, tugging on the caramel tresses as if they were mine to command. With every gentle pull, an urgent moan travels between our tongues, igniting spasms of pleasure between my thighs.

“God, you’re so hard,” she breathes into my mouth. “So hard for me…”

“Only for you…I need you, Esme.” 
And then I lose it*I’m tearing at her shirt, just needing to feel her tender breasts in my hands, my mouth. Her blouse comes loose and I bury myself between her supple mounds, my tongue darting over her peaked nipples, unable to get enough. She groans and tosses her head back in delight.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” she purrs.

Ravenous hands grip my shirt and tear away the first few buttons, then her tongue slithers a pattern down my chest. I drive my fingertips into the soft flesh of her thighs, working my way under her skirt. A gasp of pleasure escapes me as my fingers meet her wetness where to my surprise, no barrier prevents me from meeting my mark. Suddenly, my pants are at my ankles, and she’s going down on me at 35,000 feet.

“Don’t stop…please, don’t stop,” I moan. My hands slide into her hair once again, holding her between my thighs.

She devours my cock entirely, and I scream out in ecstasy as she begins sucking and fondling my fully erect shaft. Her lips feel like satin against my skin, making me want to come in her warm mouth like I have never come before.

“Fuck me, Doctor Cullen,” she grunts. “Now.”

The vibration of her voice runs through my length like a bolt of electricity. Immediately, I hoist her into my lap, position myself at her entrance, and slowly I glide my cock inside.

Oh, fuck me, she’s tight…

Gripping her ass firmly, I thrust upwards in quick, savage bursts. To hell with the pilots, they might even learn a thing or two if they care to investigate. All I want is to come inside of this woman, to have her use me to fulfill her carnal desires.

“Right there…right there,” she moans, exposing her ample, pink breasts.
I don’t hesitate. My tongue instantly flicks across her breast, savoring the warm flesh*sucking, biting, and teasing her nipples.
“Come for me,” she pants.

Tightening my hold on her succulent ass, I quicken the pace. Suddenly, her walls squeeze around my cock and I’m done for. The orgasm bursts from every part of me, exploding from my hard length like a bullet from a gun. My teeth clamp down on her neck to muffle the cries of ecstasy, but Esme doesn’t hold back.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

A wave of euphoria washes over me as her orgasm rushes to the surface; a tiny fluttering sensation at first, then flourishing into a pulsating throb that overtakes us both. Sticky, sweet fluid dribbles down her thighs
*dear God it feels good*and Esme collapses against me, panting hard.
“Welcome to the mile high club, Doctor Cullen.”

My lips curve upward. “I had no idea that was part of your job description.”

“Well, I am your personal stewardess, and you never cared to ask exactly what that entailed,” she answers, removing herself from my lap. I whimper slightly as cool air sweeps across my saturated cock. “Now seatbelt please…we‘ll be landing shortly.”

Esme disappears down the aisle; a tight, beautiful ass shows just beneath the hem of her disheveled skirt. I can’t stop staring as I slide my pants back on. I want her again already.

Lucky for me, I fly to Boston on Tuesday.

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