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Lemon Drizzles

Thank God it's Friday!!!

This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

The Seduction of Miss Swan by Lady Tazz

The hotel elevator doors closed. I looked around and besides Bella and I, there was one other person. I knew had to go over some figures to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting, but the only figure I was hoping to be going over was Bella’s. She was the epitome of sexy. I had been good by keeping my hands to myself for the most part, thank God I was only her ‘boss’ for three more weeks. Then I would be free to pursue her publicly. I leaned forward so I could whisper in her ear.

“After I get settled, may I come to your room? I want to pick up where we left off on the plane. The things I want to do to your body are endless.”

Her breath hitched at my words. “Yes! Please,” she moaned as the doors opened to our floor.

We exited and walked toward our respective rooms. They were at the end of the hall and conveniently across from each other.

“Be ready in thirty minutes,” I said as I slid the card to open my door; deciding that the figures could wait until later but I couldn’t.

“Yes sir,” she purred as she disappeared into her room.

I closed my door and took a deep breath. I quickly changed into something more casual, ordered a bottle of wine, and made a few phone calls.  I was hoping later we could order room service for dinner. I had no intention of letting Miss Swan out of her hotel room now that I had her all to myself. There was no need to wait and I left my room swiftly. My cock was hard and ready as I walked across the hall to her room.

I knocked on her door and she took my breath away when she opened it. She was standing there in nothing but a smile and a black thong. I groaned as I walked in and closed the door behind me. I brought her into my arms and spun her around, pinning her against it.

“You’re simply beautiful.” I stated in a husky voice.

My lips attacked her neck and trailed down to her pert breasts. I took one in my mouth as a palmed the other with my hand. She moaned and panted as I enjoyed her perfect tits, loving the way her body responded to me, in every way.

“Carlisle,” she cried as she unbuttoned my pants, sliding down the zipper. She pushed them down my legs with her hands along with my boxer briefs. I groaned as she stroked my cock. My hand quickly slid under her thong and into her wet heat.

“Fuck, you will be the death of me,” I moaned against her lips before kissing her deeply.

In one swipe, I removed the thin piece of material that kept her from me. She wasted no time hitching one leg up, wrapping it around my waist as she fucked my fingers. Nothing but her primal moans filled the air around us as her orgasm rocked through her body.

“Oh Carl.. isle,” She screamed.

I walked us over to the bed, laying her down slowly. I went and grabbed my pants to get the condom out of my pocket, tore it open, and slide it down myself. I climbed on the bed; my hardened cock ready to please her. I placed her legs over my shoulder, and in one quick thrust, I was deep inside her. I pulled out and slid back in. She was tight, wet, and warm. She started to meet me thrust for thrust as our bodies continually collided with each other’s. I’ve been with many women, but I’d never felt the intense connection that I’d felt with her.

“God, I’m so close,” I grunted as I picked up the pace. I could feel her spasm around me; I needed to send her over the edge. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers and my hand ran down her body and rubbed her clit as continued to pound in and out of her.

“Ohhhhh,” she cried as her body trembled with ecstasy, her orgasm sweeping over her, triggering my own.

“Bella,” I chanted her name as I released into the condom.

I pulled out of her and removed her legs from my shoulders. I discarded the condom and laid next to her running my hands lightly over her body.

“You’re amazing. Just three more weeks and then no more hiding.” I took a deep breath. What if she didn’t want me? I’m assuming she does. “That’s if you want me,” I added suddenly feeling shy and vulnerable.

“Carlisle, of course, I can’t wait. You mean the world to me. This is not just an affair for me. I care very deeply for you,” she said as she placed her hand on my cheek. “What we just did, was amazing. I waited for what seems like forever to be intimate with you.”

I placed my lips on hers trying to show her how I felt about her. I slowly pulled away.

“Why don’t we order dinner. Then I want to get know every inch of your incredible body and slowly make love to you,” I said in just above a whisper.

She smiled and then let out a giggle. “Sounds perfect, Mr. Cullen.”

Next Weeks Pic Prompt:

Would you like to be The Lemon Drizzle author of the Month?

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What is a lemon drizzle and how does it work? 

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