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September Lemon Drizzle Author of the Month Voting!

Voting for the September Lemon Drizzle Author of the Month.
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Here are the Lemon Drizzles:

Surrender by IllicitWriter

I stood, dumbfounded by the man who was staring back at me. He looked different. Older and more refined. Gone were the baby features that once adorned his face. He stared at me, shocked. I was likely returning my own stare tenfold. We stood in the hallway of a darkly lit club. Thank God one of us decided to speak.

"Hi," Jasper said softly. I'm sure my face softened at the sound of his voice.

"Hi yourself." Oh God. Until this moment, I hadn't realized how much I missed him. The pain of losing him was earth shattering. Being so near to him now, after all this time, quickly drudged up those memories.

"How have you been, Bella?" He gave a tight lipped smile. I'm sure it was his way of protecting any real emotions he had in this moment. He set his beer bottle down near a small side table and shoved both hands in his pockets.
"I'm good. Not much to tell, I guess." I shrugged my shoulders. I could be just as protective.

Awkward silence followed. Our eyes both drifted towards the floor. Once again, Jasper was brave enough to break the tension.

"God, how long has it been? Five years?" he asked.

"Yeah, it has. I didn't realize how much I missed you until now." Well fuck me running sideways with a stick up my ass. Could I be any more forward? Goodbye verbal filter.

"I know, Bella." Jasper reached out and gently wrapped his fingers around mine. Oh my sweet Jesus. His touch was electrifying. My clit pounded to the rhythm of my heart. He affected me like no other.

Jasper and I were high school sweethearts, only making it to third base. We were waiting for marriage, which was certainly not typical of two horny teenagers. His scholarship to Baylor College was a bittersweet moment. We knew what it had meant-distance. From that time until now, it all seemed like life became a blur, time moving in fast-forward.

"Bella…fuck. This is so fucked up and feel free to slap me for saying this, but…I want you. So bad right now. I want you," he whispered at the end. Music to my ears. How many times had I fantasized about a moment like this? Too many.

I managed to get out, "I've missed you," before I grabbed his shirt and pressed my lips to his, opening them just in time to feel his tongue entering my mouth. He smoothed his hands across my cheeks, fingers through my hair, hands cupping the base of my head. It was everything I remembered, but more. This time, we were no longer protecting our virginity, and that excited me to no end.

"My place-please, Bella."

Shit. He didn't even have to ask.

"Let's go," I commanded, and grabbed his hand. I texted Alice to let her know that I had left the club, simply giving her the played out excuse of being tired. The drive was silent. No words were really needed. Our bodies were going to do most of the talking soon.

Finally, we made it to his home. Jasper fumbled with the keys to the door before it unlocked. He grabbed my arm, yanked me inside, and backed me up against a wall. He lifted up my dress, moved my panties to one side and slowly entered me with two fingers.

"Ungh, baby you're wet. Oh fuck, so wet. Do you hear it?"

Whoa. Dirty talking Jasper? Five years had been good to him. My God, were those squishing sounds coming from me?

"Only you can make me this way," I breathed out. Jasper whimpered and placed his forehead against mine. His hands began to work quickly. First he removed his shirt, then mine. Next he removed his pants and oh my God! I don't remember him being that size. On top of that he was going commando.


"You like it, don't you? My big cock?" He stroked it from base to head. What a beautiful sight.
My prior escapades were with men who had never used that term inside or outside of the bedroom. I was in new territory and simply nodded at his question. Jasper continued to undress me while he spoke.
"Does the word cock embarrass you, baby" I nodded again. My verbal filter was now on mute. There went my bra. His hands were now cupping my bare breasts. All I could hear was his moaning. Wait, make that mine too. Bye -bye panties.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. You're still my sweet baby." He smiled. "Say it for me. God, I could come from that alone-hearing that word come out of your gorgeous little mouth."

I hesitated and contemplated., deciding that I would do anything for this man. I've never said the "C" word. But tonight, I would say it and so much more.

"Give me…your cock," I whispered. Meh, the aftertaste wasn't so bad.

"Ohhh fuck baby. That I will do." Jasper grabbed the back of my ass and lifted me into his arms. My back slid up the wall, my legs wrapping around his waist.

"Are you ready," Jasper spoke softly. Hell yes I was! Didn't that squishing sound confirm it just a moment ago?"

"Oh, fuck. Give it to me. Stick your fucking cock inside," I demanded boldly. Jasper cried out at my words and with precise measure, he swiftly penetrated me. I had never felt this consumed by another man until now.

"Oh Jesus," he moaned. "You feel so fucking amazing. I've missed you so much." Jasper was deep inside, stroking my tight walls. He suddenly clutched my ass tightly and began to pound the ever loving fuck out of me. I was wailing. He answered me with moaning and grunting.

And here comes the mother of all pleasures. My orgasm hit and I exploded. I wasn't even paying attention to the fact that he had slowed down. My body trembled for what seemed like an eternity. I whimpered from the enormity of it all.

"I had to feel you coming Bella. It felt so fucking beautiful," he panted. "Now it's my turn, baby."

Jasper's short strokes from earlier now turned into longer and deeper ones. His grunts were fucking primal.

He let go of my ass and pressed his body against mine to keep me rooted. He looked into my eyes, cradled the back of my head and whispered that he loved me right before he violently came.
Several minutes passed. Jasper was still very hard. Our mixed juices were coated all over my inner thighs.

"Stay with me?" he asked.

"I am."

"Don't ever leave, baby."

"I won't."

"Be with me forever."

"I will."

He pulled back, tip meeting my entrance and thrust hard into me once more.

~The end

Wash Away the Day by Edward's Sex Goddess

 I sighed as I dropped my briefcase beside the door then shit it with a not-so-light kick. I’d had the day from Hell thanks to my partner dumping the six million dollar Gaddy case in my lap. The whole, twisted fraudulent mess was enough to make me wish I was back practicing family law. It tended to take less time and research, unless, of course, there was something suspicious going on that needed detailed investigation. With this case, I would have to search through years, possibly even a decade, worth of files. It was a nightmare to be certain, a nightmare that I simply wanted to wash away with a nice, hot shower.

I entered the darkened bedroom that I shared with my fiancĂ© and was surprised to hear the shower running in the bathroom, as he was normally holed up in his office at this time of the evening, sketching out blueprints for some client or another. I would have thought he would have been downstairs, working himself to the bone for his presentation on Tuesday. Apparently, I was wrong, not that I minded. I mean, if he was already in the shower, and I needed said shower, I saw no reason why we couldn’t conserve water.

Yeah...Conserve water. Right.

I smirked to myself as I peeled off my tailored blazer. The rest of my clothes soon followed, and shortly, I was left in only my red-soled shoes. I sashayed to the bathroom and slowly pushed the door open, freezing on the spot at the sight before me.

Mary, mother of Jesus, spank me!

The only reason that I took any notice of the white and shell-colored, marble wall directly across from me was because he had one forearm braced on it, and was leaning his forehead against the tile. It was obvious from the spasming of his right shoulder and the rapid movement of his arm that he was jerking off. I stared, absolutely transfixed by the sight of his firm, ass cheeks clenching and relaxing as he thrust into his free hand.

God, I want to bite that ass. I want to sink my teeth into that and...wait! What happened to my ass?

The gorgeous, tight and tan muscles were gone, and in their place was a far more appealing one. Long and thick and—

A chuckled interrupted my train of thought, and I had to force myself to look away from his twitching member. I could not have stopped the bright blush when my gaze caught his even if I wanted to.

“See something you like?”

I rolled my eyes at the overused line and propped myself up in the doorway. “Nothing I haven’t seen a thousand times before.”

His lips curled into a wicked grin as he turned in the walk-in shower and leaned against the marble wall. His hand tightened on his cock, and I had to swallow back the lump that formed in my throat. He slowly pumped himself, twisting his hand around the base before sliding slowly toward the tip, where his fingers made the same enticing motion.

I was certain that, were he not in the shower, I would see a tantalizing bead of pre-cum on the tip, but to my immense disappointment, the water that slicked down his toned form would wash away the evidence of his weeping arousal. I instinctively wet my lips and had to fight the urge to move forward.

Instead, I chose to play his game.

I moved away from the door-frame and made myself as comfortable as I possibly could against the wall, near my vanity. I stretched out one leg and caught the steel rung of the little velvet-pillowed stool with the sharp heel of my shoe, dragging it closer. I knew I had his full attention when his hand stopped its teasing ministrations. I carefully balanced myself on one foot, while raising the same one that had retrieved the elegant seat to rest on the red-covered cushion.

Now, I was as exposed to him as he was to me.

I reached between my trembling thighs and stroked only my middle finger over my damp slit, watching as his eyes narrowed and his lips parted in a silent moan. I noticed how his gaze was riveted to my aching body, and smiled triumphantly before flicking the tingling bundle of nerves.


I slid my hands up my body to pinch and tug at my tight nipples, and I saw him give his dick and sharp jerk. I massaged my breasts, squeezing and kneading, and watched as he reached down to cup his balls.

I moaned, both from the gratification of the soft caresses against my own skin and the delicious sight of my lover pleasuring himself, before slipping my fingers back down to their original destination. I slowly drew circles around my clit, and worried my lower lip with my teeth as I slipped one then two fingers deep inside, thrusting and swirling as best I could in my not-so-comfortable position. I whimpered, needing more, but entirely unable to give myself the pleasure that his gorgeous body could.

Almost instantly, my wordless plea was answered.

My mind barely registered the sharp clattering sound the stool made as it crashed to the floor, having been knocked unceremoniously out from under my elevated leg. All I knew as that my hands were pinned above my head, my legs were wrapped around a trim waist and the longest, thickest cock I had ever laid eyes on was pounding me mercilessly into the wall behind me. Every thrust had me gasping in ecstasy, each deep stroke igniting a brighter and stronger fire within my veins. My nails dug into the straining muscles of his rippling shoulders as he pounded furiously into my eager body, my legs wrapping tighter around his waist, the heels of my stilettos pressing into his clenching ass as he rode me fast and hard.

I whimpered when he dropped his head to my chest and took one sensitive nipple into his mouth. My fingers instantly threaded into his silk locks, and I yanked his head back. “More.” I nearly screamed when he pistoned in and out of my now dripping heat, the frantic pace of his rocking hips almost violent in their exquisite movements. “Fuck…So close…” Indeed, my stretched hole was spasming around his pulsing member as he pumped his cock furiously into me; and all it took was his fingers reaching between my swollen lips, a few flicks and a short command of ‘come’ for me to crash head-first into nirvana, the walls of the bathroom and the sounds of the running shower fading into oblivion as I sank into wave after wave of rapture.

When my eyes refocused, I found him smirking at me. “Well, you look proud of yourself.”

“Rough day?” he asked with a beaming smile.

I ignored his dirty quip. “Yes. And if you’re quit finished with the shower, I need one.” I gave him a pointed look, but I could practically feel the mischief sparkling in my eyes. “Someone got me very dirty.” With that, I pranced away and behind the foggy, shower wall. I tried not to giggle when I felt his arms slip around me as we stood together beneath the warm spray—thank God we had a large water heater! “I thought you were through with your shower. It certainly looked like it when I came in.”

He practically purred in my ear. “Yes, but I figure you need help getting clean.”

Forty minutes later, I had managed to wash away all the stress of my nightmarish day…but I was still dirty.

Truth or Dare by addictward1968

The bottle spun wildly in several circles before it stopped and pointed at me.

I suppressed a grin.

“Truth or Dare!” Alice exclaimed excitedly.

I felt my mouth form into a perfect snarl before turning to Alice and practically growling the word.


I saw Bella’s eyes flash over to mine.

Yeah, she so wanted to know things about me.

Three weeks she’d been flirting with me, three whole weeks of eye fucking me.

Hell yeah – I knew what Miss Swan wanted.

My attention was brought back to Alice as she asked her question. “How many women have you slept with?”

“Seven,” I lied, immediately leaning forward before I spun the bottle.

This is it Miss Swan. Your time is up. Edward the vamp is coming to play with you.

I smirked when the bottle stopped, pointing at Bella.

“Truth or dare,” I murmured in her direction, catching her eyes with mine.

“D…Dare,” she replied.

“I dare you to go upstairs with me, and tell me your dirtiest fantasy.”

Everyone in the room went quiet. Bella stared at me for several moments, challenging me with her own unblinking start. She’d never win.

“Okay,” she said, incredibly confidently.

I pulled the door shut as soon as we stepped out of the room.

“You are joking, right?” she queried.

I slowly shook my head. She cocked her eyebrow at me.

“I’m gonna take you upstairs and you are going to tell me what I want to know. If you want, I will provide you with your fantasy.”

“Shit, Edward. This is kinda freaky.”

“Come on,” I snapped, picking her up and throwing her over my shoulder. She screamed excitedly as I took the stairs two at a time.

Upon entering her room I threw her onto the bed and immediately hovered over her.

“Tell me,” I urged whilst she struggled to get her breath back. “You’ve been shamelessly flirting with me for weeks. I want to give you what you really want.”


“A fuck?” I pressed, momentarily sitting back on my knees as I pulled my t-shirt over my head.

“You want me to stop?” My question was serious. I’d never force her.

She shook her head.

“Then tell me.” My hands were unbuttoning her blouse as I spoke, expertly unfastening it before bending my head to kiss the exposed milky flesh.

“I’ve never been…” she paused, embarrassed.

“Tell me, Bella.”

“I’ve only had two boyfriends and neither of them have gone down on me, or fucked me from behind.” Her words were said quickly, and she turned her face away from me, mortified by her admission.

I grinned as my teeth lightly nipped her neck.

“Want me to grant you both of those experiences?” I growled at her as I licked her neck. She was so fucking sweet, and the way her blood smelt was causing such primitive reactions in my body.

“You…but…” she gasped.

“But what, Bella?”

“You? Me?”

“Exactly.” I moved my searching mouth away from her neck and pressed my lips to hers. She needed to shut up and let me get on with it.

My hands ventured down her front as I headed to her jeans. I pushed the zip easily before slipping my hand back up and running my fingers under the top edge of her panties.

“These are gonna have to come off you know?”

“Oh fuck! You’re serious.”

“Never more so in my whole life.” I managed a smirk at my words. “Now, if you want me to continue I suggest that you take those off and turn your shit hot body over and lie on your front.”

“But you said…”

“I know what I said. And I know what I’m doing. Turn over, Bella, and keep quiet.”

She swallowed hard as I lifted myself from her body, giving her the space to move. She paused momentarily before grinning at me, removing the clothing as I had asked. I suppressed a growl from flying from my lips as I saw her pert breasts.

She quickly rolled over to lie on her stomach.

I quickly pulled her jeans down her legs, wasting no time in unwrapping my prize. Her panties followed immediately after.

“Kneel,” I ordered. “Lift your ass in the air. Spread your knees apart.”

She dutifully did just that.

I sunk back on my legs, placing my hands firmly on her thighs. I could smell her arousal even before I dipped my face to between her legs. I had access to every part of her, and as my lips covered her sex she cried out it shock.

I’m cold.

Get used to it.

“Shhh,” I hissed against her and my action caused another whimper to push from her lips. She tasted divine, so very sweet. My tongue pushed between her folds while I urgently sought and found her clit. I rubbed it insistently with the tip of my tongue before sucking hard. Her hips bucked, but I was more than ready for her wriggles. I held her firmly, knowing that she would have bruises where my hands grasped her.

I released her clit from my mouth before pushing my tongue into her delicious heat, her warmth surrounded my icy tip as I licked at the juices that were already escaping her.

So wet, so ready, and oh so willing.

The urge to pound my aching cock into her was becoming too strong to ignore. I allowed my vampire speed to take over, willing and wanting her to come for me quickly. A groan flew from her mouth at the intenseness of the speed of my tongue, and even though I knew she hadn’t orgasmed I tasted the fresh flood of her arousal.

I moved away, hearing her whimper of protest as I shifted behind her. I rubbed my hands over her firm ass, spreading her cheeks wide, examining the wetness that trickled slowly from inside her. Bending my head one last time to her sweetness I allowed myself one long, slow lick that had her hands grabbing the sheet.

She came.

So easy.

I unbuttoned my pants, pulling my cock free. I stoked Bella’s ass cheeks tenderly, almost reverently. I was going to give her exactly what she wanted.

I bent down over her back, knowing she would feel my cock pressing against her heat. I roughly grabbed her hair to the side so her head twisted.

“Ass or pussy?” I growled, genuinely curious as to which she’s pick.


“Rough or gentle?”


I straightened up behind her, stroking my cock to increase the stiffness. I rubbed myself back and forth between her folds, not failing to miss the way she backed herself towards me.

I grabbed her ass again as I pushed into her. I pulled completely out before sinking back into her welcoming warmth. Fuck, she felt so amazing I nearly exploded into her right then.

She writhed beneath me, her breath knocked from her lips as I continued to pound into her. I pushed her down onto the bed, laying her flat out underneath me as I leaned over her back, gripping her hair as I forced her head backwards. She wanted it rough, that’s what she’d have.
I slapped her ass, as I thrust into her, once, twice. I pulled her hair, another thrust, another slap.

“You like this, don’t you?” I growled from behind her, making no effort to control my guttural noise.

“Fuck, yes!”

My thrusts pushed us across the bed until she was nearly off the side. I positioned my hands on her shoulders to stop her moving any further forwards, and I pulled her back onto my engorged cock as it slid so gloriously in and out of her body.

“Oh, fuck, Edward…”

She was coming.

“More!” I demanded, pulling her hips higher as I rammed into her sweet throbbing pussy with my own pulsating cock. I was going to burst into her very soon, but I wanted her to come first.

“Shit!!!!!” She writhed beneath me, and I was lost in my own ecstasy as my body violently exploded into hers.

I roared loudly, unable to control my most basic instinct as my teeth snapped in the air. My body arched against hers as my own orgasm pulsated through me.

“Oh, god… I’m… fuck!” Bella wailed under me as another orgasm flew through her body. I felt the sensation of her walls clenching around me again and I stilled within her, savouring the moment of my own intense release. Every frozen cell in my body felt alive again and I closed my eyes, letting the feeling wash over me.

Eventually I released my cock from her body before I laid down on my back. I closed my eyes against the sensation of wanting to taste her blood; the sound of her rapidly beating heart was more than enough torture for me to deal with.

She rolled onto her back next to me, and as I sneaked a look at her face I saw she was smiling.

“Amazing,” she stated.

I grinned, feeling quite smug with myself at what I had managed to do.

I felt her hand grasp mine and was momentarily surprised at her action.

“Do I have to wait for another game of ‘Truth or Dare’ before we do that again?” she asked.

I shifted my body so I lay on my side facing her. Unable to stop myself, I raised our joined hands and kissed hers.

“No. You can have a repeat performance whenever you want.”

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