Monday, April 23, 2012

The Jasper's Naughty Girls Want To Thank You...

Happy Monday all!

We just wanted to thank you all for being faithful readers of this blog. We enjoyed sharing both our naughty and nice stories with you each week.

The Jasper's Naughty Girls are hanging up their whips and handcuffs. However, the blog will stay up so feel free to make yourself comfortable and look around. 

~The Jasper's Naughty Girls


  1. This is soooooo sad. I am sorry you will no longer be posting here. But I am glad that you are leaving the blog up. I have not gotten to look at everything. Thanks for everything that you have done. Love the blog!!!!! Love all the sexy stories and pictures!!!!!

  2. I already expressed my sadness a while back when you first announced you were ending the blog, but I am very happy you're leaving it up. I, too, haven't gotten a chance to explore all of it (just like I want to do to ALL the Cullen men's bodies!!!!) *shrugs* Just sayin'. :)

    And the timing is perfect since all of them are entering new phases in their lives as well..........Jackson becoming a Daddy! Kellan pretty serious with that Australian chippy! Peter ending his marriage! :( And Robert...............*sighs*..............Robert...........still incredibly gorgeous, swoon-worthy, sensitive, and very, very happily in love with Kristen. I'm happy for our boys. Well, sad for Peter, but he'll get back up on his horse. Yeah, shouldn't have said that because now I'm picture Jasper on his horse in "Eclipse"! YOWZA!

    Thanks for the laughs, porn, stories, and all around good time, Ladies! You really are the best.



    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, our boys are doing very well! As for Peter (I'm a Carlisle/Bella shipper)I'm sure he will be just fine. He can come over to my house anytime he wants, I'l make him feel better!

      I enjoyed my time on this blog, but it's time to move on ;)

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