Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guest Review by Jaspers Sex Kitten

My good friend and fellow writer Jasper's Sex Kitten has graciously agreed to do a review of a darksper story for us. We absolutely loved having her stop by our naughty blog to talk about out favorite naughty boy!

This fic has 7 chaps posted and has our favorite Jasper, our Darksper is separated from the Cullen's... hiding in caves, hunting humans and just unbelievably torn. Receiving a call from Carlie brings him home. The family is in serious jeopardy. Alice has a vision that is not clear... What can he do? Alice says this is the only way. Carlisle explains that there is an uprising in the vampire world. An unknown army has been formed and commanded by someone ruthless and lethal. Do they fight the uprising new army?

The family goes to the clearing to meet the incoming threat.... Maria and her evil horde. She wants Jasper. When he refuses, she has a member of her horde use his powers on them. But alas, they are defeated by the "Unknown Army".

"Vampire Bella and the army of Werewolves." Bella is able to shield the Cullen's from their attackers and takes them out. OMJH! Jasper gets a read on her and tracks her down. They talk and she confides in him a bit of what is going on. Bella and the wolves are hiding, fighting and trying to stay off the radar.

There are questions that need to be answered but there is no answers being give... like why are the dogs following Bella? She is their natural enemy. Do they know something? Is there a reason?

Bella takes Jasper back to her liar and shows him around. They start to get reacquainted when disaster strikes. Bella gets news that Jacob has been killed, and totally flips out. A vampires rage is fueled inside of her and Jasper has to stop her. His feelings for her have grown and he needs to stop her. If she goes on a rampage, they'd be detected. The Volturi could get involved? Or are they already?

This is what you'll need to find out. Read it, love it and enjoy it.

Jaspers Sex Kitten

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