Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jasper'sDarlinKathy Fic Review

So, I have this fic that is currently 14 chapters in and it is a Carlisle/Bella story. In this fic Carlisle and Bella are clearly meant to be together and it shows in every chapter. As the story progresses you come to find that there is always two sides to every story or character for that matter. Join 2TwilightBitches in this fic as they take us on a journey full of lemony goodness and very, very sexy scenes that will leave you panting and in need of your own lovin'. I promise you won't be disappointed in this fic. 2TwilightBitches have delivered a Carlisle unlike you have ever seen before, but trust me, you will love him and want him all for yourself. I must warn you though, when I say this Carlisle is unlike any other, well you don't get to see that side of him until the later chapters and we get a different side to Bella, too. I hope you enjoy this fic as I'm sure you will.


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