Friday, January 22, 2010

WIP Review... Awake in the Dark

Our WIP recommendation for this week is Awake In The Dark by Kitty Cullen-03.


Summary - People came here for the thrill. They came for the unknown. They came for the pleasure. And it was my job to give it to them. Rated M for strong adult themes. AH/OOC

Kitty has graciously given us a teaser for chapter three...

I walked into the Museum and immediately revelled in the scent of the place. It smelled of art and history and knowledge. I came here on my days off at first just so I could have some place to go, but more recently because I enjoyed it. I wandered the halls for a while before moving on to the room that held the paintings-my favorite. Each room was staffed with an attendant, just in case someone had questions, so I glanced in that direction first. The man who usually manned the table was gone, replaced by a small brunette. Another woman was standing over her, showing her some papers-must be her supervisor. I looked back down to the woman, who was blushing and nodding, looking incredibly overwhelmed. She had long, brown hair and a small frame.

She struck me as oddly familiar.

Cullen818 -This story is two chapters in and I'm already drawn in and intrigued. Dominant Jasper...what's not to love? Jasper brings his clients pleasure, no questions asked, but will Appointment Number Four change things? I'm curious to learn all about this Jasper. He's a hottie!

TwiCarol - I absolutely adored this fic, from the moment I started reading it. I can only imagine the hotness that Kitty has in store for us. Her Jasper is a complex character and I can't wait to find out more about him.  I know it's only two chapters in, but that's all it will take to get you hooked. And if these reviews aren't enough to make you go read it immediately, all I can say to you is this... Jasper with a feather... *thud*

Jasper'sDarlinKathy - When I read the first chapter of this fic, I immediately knew that I was going to become addicted to it and in need of another chapter. And then kitty gave us chapter 2 and now I'm practically jumping up and down in anticipation waiting on chapter 3. I mean her Jasper is like this hot sex god that gives his clients the greatest pleasure and all he tells them is to not ask questions and say his name, Jasper, when they climax. What more could a girl ask for? Pleasure from our hottest, most sexiest Twilight character. Trust me when you read this fic you will see what all the fuss is about.

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  1. Oh, you girls just make my day. I'm glad you enjoy the story, and I'm hoping I can continue to deliver. Thanks and kisses!