Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cullen818 - Story Review


Summary - This is JPOV of "Finding Relief" and beyond, so you should read that first. Bella meets Jazz under peculiar circumstances and they form a strange relationship. All human. CAUTION: Lemon and mature themes. Rated M for sexy times

This is one of my favorite Jasper's that I have ever read. He is tortured, conflicted and has a dark past. His demons constantly seem to haunt him. He finds Bella under strange circumstances, but never fully believes that he deserves her or that she could ever want him for the man that he really is. He couldn't be more wrong.

I suggest you read Finding Relief first. That story is in Bella's POV, but it sets the stage for things to come. Some of the chapters in each story coincide and tell the story from both POV's, but several of the chapters are different and compliment each other quite nicely. You get both sides of the story.

TwistedforTwilight has a talent for writing JPOV ( I know she'll argue me that point), but she has mastered him. I anxiously await the next chapter all the time because this story is truly how I get my Jasper fix!

Indulge in this'll be glad you did!

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