Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday's One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - When James saw Bella in the ballet studio, all plans of taking her life expired; he needed to have her. So he took her and now she is his.

This is one steamy o/s. James is raw and dominant, but Bella seems to like it. See what happens during one particular kitchen romp.


Into The Night by Babette12

Summary - Bella gets a flat tire on the side of a dark, deserted highway. There she is kidnapped by her worst nightmare. Or, is it her fondest dream? Written for the Darkward Vampfic Contest. VERY M!

Darkward providing orgasms through blood loss... hot, hot, HOT! I absolutely loved this o/s - it's well-written and the author uses such wonderful imagery to set the opening scene, that you feel as though you're there with Bella. Her Edward is definitely one of the sexiest I've read. I hope that you all enjoy this o/s as much as I did.


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