Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome Fellow Naughty Girls...

If you're in here then that must mean you crave the dark, dominant fics that we all know and love. On this blog we will explore the sexy, "tie you to the bed" type of men that some FF authors capture so well. Here we will focus on all the Twilight men. They can be dark, dominant, tortured, vamp, wolf, human. All pairings are accepted (even slash) as long as the character has some issue that makes him irresistible.

We hope you will enjoy what we come up with. If you have written a fic or are reading one that falls into this category, please let us know. We want to read them and review them.

If you haven't already done so, please check out the collaboration story You'll Be Mine, by none other than Jasper's Darlin Kathy and myself. We write under the penname Jasper's Naughty Girls. This one features a vey dominant Jasper and an extremely dark Edward. Bella is in for the ride of her life! Lucky girl!

Thanks to Jasper's Darlin Kathy for helping me to come up with this blog idea, and to TwiCarol for wanting to join our antics. Carol designed the blog and it looks fantastic! Kathy and I would be lost without you!

***Some of these fics are rather disturbing. We will try as often as possible to put up a disclaimer when we feel there are issues that will offend. No one under 18 should be reading fics with mature adult content. Jasper's Naughty Girls is for the enjoyment of adults! Once you turn 18, you can be as twisted as we are!


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  2. Lol, sorry I was half asleep with the last post & realized I had started thinking & typing something totally unrelated to the blog...*rolls eyes at self* I came over here from Team Jacksper & the first thing to hit my eyes was that AWESOME banner at the top of yr page....haha You've already sold me on the blog with just that, hehe, yes I'm just THAT easy! *Chuckle* ...well be seeing you around :)

  3. Wow, you ladies have really brought this site alive. Good job on the sidebar of the Cullen men, whew!!! =)

  4. Hey, Bouncy Mich & Anonymous Erin (I know it's you)! Thanks for visiting! ;P