Monday, March 29, 2010

Featured Segments

Just wanted to remind you that our blog loves to promote your stuff, but you have to get it to us! One of our favorite segments here at Jasper's Naughty Girls is New Stories Need Love.

 I got a story update the other day in the form of an a/n stating that the author was going to wrap up her story prematurely, and retire from FF. That made me sad because the story was really good, but I get the writer's problem. We put so much work into these stories and we want to know that we are getting a reaction from the reader. Don't let that happen to you. Send us your story link...

We want your dark, dominant, naughty story to do well. There are so many fics out there that unless you are a well known author or someone stumbles upon your story it's hard to get exposure. We want to help get the word out. So, email us your story link and we'll feature it here. The fic doesn't have to be brand new, it can be several chapters in and could have been published months ago, but it does have to be under appreciated.

We'll plug it and review it. If you have a full length story that you feel is neglected, send that link our way too, we can also rec it and try to give it some publicity in our individual story rec section.

Always send us a story banner if you have one. They need love, too!

Another great way to lure a reader in is to tease them with a preview. E-mail us your story teasers by Wednesday evening and we'll post them for you on Thursday. Please include the story link, chapter number and a banner if you have one.

While we're all about he naughty here, we will take any story teasers. All fics apply...cannon, non-cannon, slash, AU, AH. Whatever you got, send it our way. We're all about celebrating you! We just want to get the word out.

We hope to feature you soon.

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