Monday, March 29, 2010

Cullen818 Fic - The Mistress, the Headmaster and the Shrink


Summary - SUPPORT STACIE AUCTION STORY – Jasper, Bella, and Edward enjoy a few wickedly decadent evenings at home. Short series of chapters. AU/AH – JxBxE – Alternating POVs - LEMONSPLOSIVE

So, I was in the mood for something dirty this week and I stumbled upon this little gem. We all know J/B are my fave pairing and E/J runs a close second, so imagine how thrilled I was to have them all doing the nasty in the same story?

This is one kinky, creative fic. It's three chapters and each is told from a different POV. J/B/E are all about the role playing and it makes for an extremely hot tale. The lemons are beyond explanation, so you'll have to go check this one out. I particulary liked Headmaster Whitlock, but I could be biased. Either way, it's all good.

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