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Naughty Girls Pick - Together In Sin

Today I am pleased to present to you, the interview that I conducted with the lovely Lace Kittens, also known as Kitty Cullen-03 (Andrea) and lacym3 (Lacy). They collaborated on the fantastic Naughty Girls Pick, Together in Sin. Thanks so much, ladies, for writing such a great o/s for us. Read on to see what they have to say...

1. To start us off, tell us a little bit more about yourselves and how you got into writing Twilight Fan Fiction in the first place?

Lacy - I started out as a reader, as all of us do, and one day I got the idea for A New Life, started writing it and it all took off from there.

Andrea - I started writing way back when, beginning with Harry Potter fanfic. I was just searching for something more - I didn't realize there was a whole world out there. It was months later when I finally started to grow some balls that I decided to try my hand at writing. My first fic was horrible! When Twilight came out, as soon as I finished the series I immediately sought the "Isle Esme" scene. Then I started thinking "what if?" and Bam. Here I am.

2. Do you enjoy the collaborative process and how do you decide who writes what?

Lacy - I love collabing. It's nice to have someone else there to bounce ideas off of and to have someone to give you that much needed push. We pretty much alternate. Sometimes Andrea will start a chapter and I'll finish it and sometimes I'll start and she'll finish it.

Andrea - I love it! I’ve worked with some great people in the past, and I really love to work with Lacy. It’s like we share a brain.

3. Tell us more about how you came up with your creative storyline (which I absolutely LOVED, btw).

Lacy - I don't remember who came up with the original idea, but most of the story line came about the way all of ours do. Hashing it out. We chat about a storyline, work out the kinks, develop characters, things like that until we're happy with it.

Andrea - Yeah…I don’t remember either. We chat a lot, so chances are it just popped up as a little idea, and then grew bigger until we had a whole plot.

4. Now I know you are both Jasper girls, so tell us what you love most about Jasper and his alter-ego Darksper.

Lacy - I love Jasper because he's not afraid to do the things that others do (cough) Edward (cough). He's fearless and confident and damn sexy. Darksper I love because...well...c'mon, who doesn't love a bad boy? Really?

Andrea - What's not to love?? He's Southern, for one, and charming. But he's also deadly - we see that first hand in Midnight Sun. He's calculating and fiercely protective of his family. I always just see him as Edward's alter - like everything Edward won't do, Jasper will. And Darksper? There is NOTHING better to me than a scene that involves Jasper nomming some people. It's hot to see him so primitive. And when he lets loose, look out.

5. Talk to us about what else you are working on, together and individually.

LacyPushing Limits
Wow. Pushing Limits is our little multi-chapter swinger fic and I dearly love it. It's got a lil bit of everything in it. And I mean everything.

The Bella Swan Guide to Getting Your Life Back
A very well loved story that Kitty started that is becoming a Lace Kittens project. We've got some real exciting stuff in store.

Weight of the World
A Harry Potter fan fic, Dramione, takes place during the Half Blood Prince. It hasn't been started yet, but we've got our story line hammered out and I'm real excited about it.

An original story line, non Twilight related
If we told we would have to kill you.

Unlocking the Soul
Bella and Jasper multi-chapter. Bella is a Public Defender in Texas, and introducing, the one and only, Prisonsper. Jasper is in prison for first degree murder and Bella is his lawyer, much to Jasper's displeasure.

One Twist continuation
This is a continuation of a o/s I did for the 'For the Love of Jasper' contest. It's a Bella/Darksper fic and, well, I can't give too much away.

Bite is a Harry Potter fan fic that I am taking over from my partner in crime Kitty. It's a Dramione (Draco/Hermione) that she wrote years ago and I'm reworking it.

Possible Whitlock's continuation
Whitlock's is an o/s that I wrote for the 'Home for the Holidays' contest that I may be continuing.

Andrea - Ive got an AH Jasper fic in the works called Awake in the Dark - it's my first AH story, and I'm rather pleased with it so far. Jasper's a gigalo of sorts, and it's definitely fun to write. Bella’s a client of his, and she’s very nosy. I've also got the sequel to Control in the works, although I'm not planning on posting anything in the too near future. Lacy has agreed to make my other fic, The Bella Swan Guide to Getting Your Life Back, into a Lace Kittens project, and I’m really happy about that. I was going to give it up. Other than that, I’ve been dabbling with some one-shots, and I’ve got a great one in the works with a great author named tiffaninichole. We’ll be entering it into a contest soon.

Now the Naughty Girls have their say...

Cullen818 - OMJ! OME! We have some slashy hotness here. My favorite pairing aside from J/B is J/E, but it has to be well written, and this o/s is perfect. Two dark, hot, sexin' vampires doing very naughty things? I couldn't ask for anything more. Well, that's not true...I need more of this story, Lace Kittens! Please give me more. The ending will have you screaming.

JaspersDarlinKathy - Edward and Jasper slash is a definite must read. I love when Jasper and Edward are together, it makes me giddy with excitement to read. This o/s was amazing. If you're into slash, well then you need to carry yourself over to Lace Kittens profile and read Together in Sin. While you're over there read their other fic Pushing Limits. These two ladies definitely deliver a whole new world of the Cullen family.

TwiCarol - Wow! I cannot even tell you how much I loved this o/s. It is dark, hot, bloody and truly fantastic! Vampires behaving like “real” vampires… LOVE IT! Full of slashy goodness, it shows you Jasper & Edward giving in to their baser instincts and owning it. The ending had me shouting at my computer screen. They were only having fun, after all. ;)

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the last day of our Show Us Your Dark Side week, where we will be featuring our Honorable Mentions, This Buried Life and March out of the Madness. See you there!

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