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Naughty Girls Pick - F Stop

So I am here today to present to you the interview that I got to do with the amazing mrsalreyami. She wrote F Stop for the Show Us Your Dark Side Contest and this o/s is a must read! I want to thank mrsalreyami for entering the contest. Here is what she had to say in the interview...

1. Why Carlisle? I'm sure you get this question all the time, but what made you choose him over the other Cullen boys?

Yeah, I hear this question often, but I like it. There are a few reasons behind my crush on Carlisle (besides the insane hotness of PFach, which seriously is *thud*worthy).

First, Carlisle is the most admirable of all of the Cullens, in my opinion. He is the one who, as a newborn, made the conscious choice to not eat humans. He didn't know until he accidentally found out that there was another option, but so strong was his hold on his humanity, and his innate goodness, that he fought his nature. That, to me, is so admirable.

Secondly, his just makes him sexy to me. I mean, here's the vampire who can be in an OR filled with human blood and not be fazed at all. Talk about your self-control and strength of will.

Third, you know he's gorgeous. Even Bella describes him as god-like. The gentle blond waves and kind smile? Yeah...

Fourth, he's a GOOD man. Sure, a bad boy is hot, but the good man is the one you can be with forever. This is the man who makes peace with his natural enemies and treats everyone with kindness. He's polite, but you know that he has an animal inside that is going to peek out when he needs it to.

And last, the man is romantic and charming, and he loves and protects while still allowing those around him to make their own choices. (*cough* pay attention, Edward *cough*) He never forces anyone to follow his way, he supports Bella making her own choice... you get the idea.

So, long story short, Carlisle is basically perfect.

2. Writing Carlisle as dark or dominant is always fun, do you find writing him OOC to be fun or do you have a hard time writing him out of character?

I thought it was extremely difficult! For me, the idea of fanfic is that we're using these characters to tell another story. Writing Carlisle OOC barely seems like fanfic anymore. I couldn't even picture this Carlisle as blond... He was totally Fastlane PFach in my head, lol.

As I was writing, I kept wanting him to be know, romantic and sweet... but that's not really Domlisle, is it? Granted, even my Carlisle in Basking, which I try to make as canon as possible, has his dominant moments (when he claimed Bella as his mate, for example), but that's just a piece of him then. Writing him as a full out Dom was different.

I'm not going to say I didn't enjoy it, because I did. Domlisle is interesting and crazy sexy and completely different to write. And I'll probably (because I love TwiCarol so much) continue this story once Basking is over. I'm just saying that it was much harder than writing him IC.

3. What inspired you to start writing fanfiction? And have you always been a Carlisle girl or did a story cause you to switch?

I started writing because I couldn't find a Carlisle/Bella story that I thought was worth reading, to be honest. It's not a pairing that's done a lot, and I have to say, a lot of the ones that are done are kind of awful. It grosses me out when Bella thinks of Carlisle as a father-figure, and then is having sex with him a minute later. *cringes* Ew. In the end, I decided that, if I couldn't find what I was looking for, I'd just write it myself.

I had a crush on Carlisle from the first time I read through the books.

And to be honest, Jasper too. (My first reason above for liking Carlisle? Same goes for Jasper - he had the strength to walk away from this life and all that he knew with just the hope of finding another option. SM painted him as weak, but to me, that spoke of his immense strength.) I got started on the C/B pairing just because I wanted to read Carlisle, but I have to give credit to Dark Moon by ToryTigress92, because that was the first C/B that I read that gave me hope for the pairing.

4. What is your favorite fanfic story? Do you only read non-canon or do you read a little bit of both?

Oh god, do you have any idea how long this answer could get? *laughs*

I'll answer the second part first. When I first came to fanfic, I was all canon. Even though I didn't especially like Edward, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of non-canon. I have to offer deep thanks to JannaBanana for showing me the way with When Darkness Turns to Light. That fic began my Jasper binge, and I've never recovered. (Yeah, I'm a Carlisle girl, but I read more Jasper than anything, mostly because of my previously mentioned distaste for how a lot of C/Bs are written). Nowadays, I read just about anything, as long as it's well written. (Okay, these days I don't read at all...I'm on hiatus from reading because I got behind while on vacation, but I'm excitedly anticipating my reading sabbatical, which happens as soon as Basking is completed.)

Alright, so favorites. There's a lot, but I'm going to TRY to give you a short list.

First, my favorite Carlisle fics. I mentioned one earlier, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention Changes by JeanitaA, Ithaca is Gorges (canon, but one of my favorite Carlisles EVER) by giselle-lx, and The Hummer, by mabarberella, which is hands down the best one shot EVER, and the most fuckhot dirty, but not really dirty, talking I have ever read. You will not understand what I mean unless you read it, so get going!

Now, other favorites. I love Edward Wallbanger and Family Therapy Cullen Style. Both make me laugh like crazy. The parody oneshot series by isparkle616 owns me, and I rec it constantly. Colliding Meteors by idreamofeddy, which invented God of War Jasper and Peter, as far as I'm concerned. Hope in Their Arms, which I am passionate about, by ncchris, is an awesome P/J/Charlotte that I can't wait to read more of. Over the Top is a killer E/J slash that made me cry and laugh and just fall in love. Long, Tall, Texan by Bamababe, with hot as hell Ranger Whitlock and creepy as anything James Hunter...It's killer. Fate Has Brought Us Here by cullen818 is another J/B that I was totally in love with. I have admittedly fangirled everyone mentioned in this long list, even though a lot of them have become close friends and now laugh at me for it.

I know there's a ton more, but the naughty girls might kill me if I don't stop.

5. How did you come up with the idea of a dominant photographer?

That is a good question. I really don't know. It was just one of those things where I was searching for an idea and not getting anywhere... I had a picture in my mind of the scene where Carlisle first touches Bella, when his hands move over her torso to get her in the position he wanted, and I wondered how it would make sense for him to pose her... I wanted him to be something other than a doctor this time. Photographer just kind of worked...

I must say that mrsalreyami has been reading some amazing fics. And now the naughty girls have their say...

JaspersDarlinKathy - OMC! Yeah this o/s has a very sexy, dark, and dominant Carlisle. Want to read an o/s that will make you beg for more, wish you were Bella, or in need of a cold shower? Well then F Stop is exactly what you need to be reading. After you read F Stop, swing by mrsalreyami's page and check out her other stories. She is such an amazing writer and she definitely has one hell of a take on Carlisle that you'll just love.

TwiCarol - I absolutely adored this o/s that showed us a different side of Carlisle than we are used to. Dominant photographer Carlisle totally did it for me and I would love to read more. Are you listening, Tara? We want, no… NEED more! If it was that hot and he didn’t even touch her, can you imagine how amazing it will be when they get their hands on each other? *THUD* I’ll be waiting with bated breath… ;)

Cullen818 - Dominant Carlisle! Do I really have to say anything else? Okay, I will. Carlisle is a hot, domineering photographer who knows how to get exactly what he needs from his subject. Let's just say that by the time you get done with this particular photo shoot, you'll be begging for Carlisle to touch you. Did I mention Dominant Carlisle?

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  1. I am giggling like crazy reading your comments. And yes, TwiCarol, I AM listening. I promise to do it just as soon as I finish Basking, okay? Thank you girls so much for the love and support. You're the best!