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Naughty Girls Pick - Expecting Someone Else

We had three Naughty Girl Picks in the Show Us Your Dark Side Contest. Today, we feature Delandora who wrote the incredible o/s Expecting Someone Else.

Delandora is 25 years old who has been married for almost 8 years, she is the step-mom of a 12 year old daughter. She likes to play World of Warcraft, watch movies, and reads Fan Fiction like her life depends on it. She's a self diagnosed OCD -perfectionist. "I'm my own worst critic," she told me.

She has several other stories that you have to check out including: To Learn Again and The Premonition. When I asked her about her writing process, she gave me this interesting little tidbit that I thought could be useful to all of us FF writers...

"I use a synonym website and an online dictionary for descriptive words in my stories. I find that it makes the stories -in my opinion - more detailed and fun to write, hopefully more interesting to read as well."

What inspired you to start writing Fan Fiction?

*Well, I used to write stories and poetry when I was younger, but got out of it as I got older. When I first started reading Fan Fiction, I was blown away by some of the author's stories. I mean, I couldn't believe that normal, everyday people, just like me, were writing this stuff. Some of them are incredibly good. After about 6 months of reading fics, I came across a few of them where I thought, “If this were my story, I would have written it this way...” or “If this were my story, I could have described it like this...” so I decided to start writing my own where I could do as I wanted.

I found you through a o/s you wrote, In My Mind, for another Dark contest. What is it about those Dark Cullen’s you like so much?

*Hmmm...dark fics are my favorite to write. I think maybe because I'm not a dark person in my real life, it makes it easier and funner to write those types of fics. I'm not really sure why I like to write that type so much.

I've always been interested in psychology, and hope to one day go to school to become a Clinical Psychologist. So I think maybe, things that I don't understand, such as why people kill other people, or are evil, or are living in an an alternate universe in their head, intrigue me. Plus, I like to see how crazy dark I can get. My mom has read all of my stories, and sometimes she can't believe some of the things that are written actually came from her daughter lol.

Reading dark fics, I don't know. There's just something about them. I don't really enjoy reading fics where any of the Cullen's are killers or slightly insane, even though I like to write about that type of stuff, I don't particularly enjoy reading it, with the exception of one fic. Dark and angsty I would say is my favorite. It's very captivating to me to read -especially if it's Edward- someone broken, or depressed, or in a dark place and then become 'normal' or want to become 'normal' because of someone they love. Possessiveness in a fic, if done correctly and not over the top, I'm not ashamed to say, is sexy lol. I like the bad boys! Ask my husband, he is one lol.

Expecting Someone Else totally blew me away. Both Edward and Jasper were written so well. Where did the idea come from?

*Well, usually I'm an Edward kind of girl, but I saw on the blog that the Naughty Girls were more Jasper kind of girls. So I wanted to incorporate my favorite leading man with the ladies on the blogs' favorite leading man in a dark manner. I thought and thought for a few hours, and finally came up with the idea of Jasper being Edward and vice versa. This way, I could have my cake and eat it too lol. Everything else kind of just fell into place.

Cullen818 interjects - We appreciate you thinking of us and including our main man in your story.

Do you find it a challenge to write a o/s within the confines of a specific theme or contest? Or, does that make it easier, more specific for you?

*I do find it a challenge yes, but it also makes it easier for me. I mean, it's challenging in the fact that I have to get it done so fast, because usually I don't find out about contests until they're close to being over, but the one shot contests that I've entered actually allow me to get a story finished. I have one multi-chapter fic on my site on Fan Fiction, but it has yet to be completed. I find that if I have a dead line, I feel more pressured to get it done, and know that if I don't, it won't be entered. When I'm allowed to do it in my own time, I procrastinate too much, and it usually never gets done.

What are your favorite Fan Fics to read? Do you only read canon or will you dabble in other pairings? Who is the most intriguing Cullen for you to write? Why?

*My favorite Fan Fics to read...my my, there is quite a list lol. Um...I'll just list the ones I can't live without, or that I've read and were so incredible, that I just had to list them. I know for a fact that there are tons more, so I hope no one on my favorites list feels left out. I just can't remember them all lol.

1) Wide Awake and Withering the Ferns by Angstgoddess003

2) Emancipation Proclamation by Kharizzmatik

3) Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind by Forbidden-fruit81

4) The Woods are Lovely Dark and Deep by bananapancakes7

5) The University of Edward Masen by SebastienRobichaud

6) The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow
7) Bad Habit: Book One by AmeryMarie

8) Picture Windows and Stolen Singer by Nerac

9) Eight Days a Week and Maybe by 107yearoldvirgin

10) Purgatory: A Love Story by Americnxidiot

11) I Love College and Send Me an Angel by Clpsuperstar

12) The Lost Boys by Hwimsey

13) High Anxiety by EdwardsBloodType

14) The Longest Summer by Lexicullen17

15) The Sacrificial Lamb and the sequel The Lion and the Jakal by Lalina

16) Olympic Rain and Novocain and We All Fall Down by AddiCakes

I promise there are more, I just didn't think you'd want them all listed. Anyone that I forgot, I hope you know I <3 you and it wasn't intentional.

*I only read cannon pairings in fics. I'm not really sure why, but I'm partial to the original pairings. The most intriguing Cullen for me to write would be Edward, and in all honesty, Jasper was fun to play with in this last fic I wrote. Edward just seems kind of like a mystery to me. He could be dark or he could be geeky, or sweet, or all of the above in some manner. I guess any of the Cullens could be written this way, I'm just a sucker for Edward lol.

When I found out that my story won a 'Naughty Girl's Pick', I squealed like a fan girl and called my mom lol.

The Naughty Girls Have Their Say...

Cullen818 - Brilliant! That's what comes to mind when I think of this fic. It's ultimately a E/B tale, but then there is the wickedly bad southern boy Jasper. Can he be saved? You'll never see this one coming. It's a chilling, captivating o/s that you can't miss. But, remember this was a Dark Side Contest, so keep that in mind before you read.

TwiCarol - This o/s is very well-written and has an interesting twist to it. The ending will have you gasping for air, just like Bella. It’s dark, so brace yourselves, but it is so worth reading as you will be caught completely off-guard by what happens. Great plot, interesting characters… a must-read!

JaspersDarlinKathy - Expecting Someone Else is a o/s that I would love to see turned into a full blown fic. I mean Delandora delivers Jasper and Edward in a way that I have never seen before, but I would literally beg her to make this o/s into a multi-chapter fic. When I read this o/s all I could think was 'wow' I was completely stunned and wishing there was more. You must read this o/s.

Check with us tomorrow when we feature the next Naughty Girls Pick ... F Stop.

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