Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday's One Shot Wonder Recs

Now Who's Real? by Sumomo14

Summary - Edward's always been a sadistic person, and with Bella's help, he becomes something else. Now, trapped inside an insane asylum, constantly having therapists tell him 'she's not real', what will Edward do?

Holy hell, what can I say about this o/s? I read this o/s and all I could think the whole time that I was reading it was, 'Edward is fucking crazy.' If you like fics like this, then this o/s will be right up your alley. I enjoyed this o/s full of craziness and twisted deliciousness. Go ahead, check it out, you know you want to.


Nightmare by Mrs. Ronald Weasley

Summary - While Edward is out hunting Bella has a vivid nightmare. Carlisle comforts her. Bella/Carlisle. DON'T LIKE? DON'T READ! Rating for sexual content. PART II ADDED!

So, I'm cheating this week since this is technically a two-shot, but I think it still qualifies. Bella and Carlisle are being awfully naughty in this fic. They find an extremely creative remedy to calm Bella after her nightmares. Let's just say that the good Doctor has all the answers. Lucky for Bella, her nightmares are recurring (wink)!


Unwrapped by ECullenitis
Summary - All Bella wants for Christmas is to be immortal and The Cullens are gonna give it to her! Better summary in A/N. Written for jandco and WtVoC's A Very Cullen Christmas Contest. Co-Authored w/ Leechlover85. One-shot. LOTS & LOTS OF LEMONS! Read & Review!

Before you say anything, I am completely aware that Christmas has been and gone or is still on it's way, depending on how you choose to look at it. But this o/s was just way TOO HOT not to share with all of you. This is Bella's change as I am sure you've never seen it before. It is slightly disturbing, but well worth a read. All the family gets in on the 'action' as it were, except Esme, which I'm glad about. At least they aren't all actually related. Heh! Enjoy!


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