Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday's One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - WINNER of the "Write For The Other Team" O/S Contest **What happens when Carlisle comes back to Forks? Will Bella be happy to see him? Can he help her through her pain or is he a reminder of what she's lost?** Rated M for adult content and Language!

This isn't so much a dark fic as it is a hot, naughty fic. Bella can't stay away from the Cullen's abandon home, but she never expects to find him waiting there for her. What happens when clumsy Bella hurts herself and the sexy Dr. Cullen tends to more than just her physical injury? Hot lemon, that's what!



Summary - Jasper is sent as a gift from Mistress Alice. Bella is expecting Jasper but not everything he has planned for her. One giant Lemon! Under 18 not permitted! Vampire Jasper/Human Bella. O/S. AU. Just for fun.

In honor of the first pics of Eclipse Jasper that we saw yesterday, I went searching for some hot Jasper lovin' and look what I found. Jasper and chocolate make for a deliciously f*ckhot lemon to warm your Sunday up considerably. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! All I can say is GAH! *thud*


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  1. Squeeeee Y'all are so gonna spoil me with the pimpage! I love you Steph and Carol. Thanks so much!!! You girls rock!!