Friday, April 16, 2010

Completed Fic Rec - Control


Summary - Bella needs help sleeping after a series of nightmares keeps her awake. She asks Jasper to help. He gets a taste of control that he hasn't had in a long time - how far will he go?

Cullen818 - What a creative tale we have here. Jasper is amazingly written in this fic. It starts out with him manipulating Bella in a way that he knows he shouldn't, but because he has always felt like he was the weakest link within the Cullens, he finds some control. As the story progresses and circumstances bring Bella and Jasper closer together, he realizes that he is going to have to admit what he has done. Can Bella forgive this betrayal? I think you'll also like what Kitty has done with Edward, too. He certainly qualifies as dark in this story. I love the twists and turns this one takes. It's a great J/B tale.

TwiCarol - This is a wonderful Jasper/Bella story that is well worth reading. Even though Jasper is a bit of a naughty boy in the beginning, he is still hot as hell and you can't help but love him to bits and want to do bad things to him. Or maybe that's just me... ;)  Anyway, moving on... Kitty came up with some great ideas in this story and I, for one, cannot WAIT to read the promised sequel because I have no doubt that it is going to be fantastic. There are moments in this story that will have you shouting "WHAT?!" at your computer screen... especially involving Edward, Alice and the cliffhanger at the end. So what are you waiting for? Go read it now... you'll love it!

JaspersDarlinKathy - Okay, so I know my review is a whole week late, but I had to come over and do a review for Mistress Kitty. I bow down to her for this story. I love Control. Hell, Jasper can control me at any point and time for as long as he wants. Oh and here is the best part, there is going to be a sequel! Squeeeeee! I am so excited about the sequel that I can hardly contain myself. So, if you haven't read this fic yet I have to wonder, why the hell not? Go on over and read it, you will absolutely love it. Of that I am sure.

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