Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday's One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - Bella falls pregnant with her boss' child, a man old enough to be her father. He treats her differently after finding out about the pregnancy. He isn't the wonderful man she always thought he was. AH. AU. Contains MA content.

So, I seem to be on a Crash Hale kick this week. Trust me, it's not a bad thing. I loved this o/s. Bella ends up pregnant with Carlisle's child. Unfortunately, he's married with two grown children and isn't looking for a new young wife and child. Can a baby change all of that, or will Bella have to do this on her own? This is a completely different portrayal of the Carlisle we've all come to love and respect. You'll need to read to find out what happens, but you'll be glad you did. There might be a special surprise at the end of this story especially for all of the readers that follow my fics. (wink)



Summary - It was a brief taste of something that could never be. It was so wrong yet so right, but more than all that it was the sweetest sin. It was just one more addiction. It could never be anything more, right? AH Darkmett & twisted Leah.

Yet another fantastic entry from our Show Us Your Darkside Contest, this o/s is a smoking hot read that gives you an Emmett and Leah unlike any other. If you haven't read this yet, you need to go read it NOW. It's so hot it'll melt your eyeballs. And you'll be dying to know more about the demons that haunt this Emmett and Leah. I know I am, and I can't wait for the author to continue this story. It's going to be amazing.


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