Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday WIP - Why Best Things Are Free


Summary - Not everything you find can be your happiness forever. Bella thought she had finally found hers. Her very own happiness lives in the flesh. Only to find out she isn't his. AH. Slight OOC.

Cullen818 - This story came to us as a New Stories Need Love request, but since it was already 15 chapters in and was published in December, it didn't really fit that category, so we decided to feature it here in this segment.

Bella and Jasper seem to have many issues to work through if their relationship is going to make it. Bella is trying to be devoted to Jasper, but he doesn't make it easy. He loves Bella, but he's going to have to find a way to make her understand it. The story is picking up speed now, and I'm curious to see where these two end up. There hasn't been an update in a while, so I'm hoping this rec will motivate the author to continue on with the story. If you're looking for an AU/AU slightly OOC fic, this one might be the one for you, especially if you like a stubborn Jasper.

JaspersDarlinKathy - So this was a story that we were asked to read and I found this to be an interesting story. I like where the author has taken Jasper and Bella in this story and I look forward to reading more chapters. I think this is a story that all would enjoy and you should head on over and read it, but make sure you leave the author some love.

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