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Chapter 16

I heard Bella go into my room and wait for me. I ran up the steps, and opened the door; she didn’t realize I was there. She was on my bed, and she looked so natural sitting there. She leaned back on the pillows and closed her eyes. I knew she wasn’t tired, but I could feel how relaxed and content she was. She pulled my pillow to her face, inhaling as she wrapped her arms around the overstuffed object and cuddled with it.

“Would you like the real thing, darlin’?” I said, startling her.

“Jasper!” she sat up.


Hale no, Hale yes by tjbaby

Chapter Four

I smiled wanly in reply, muttered something snidely about how Bella's never in cell range when she's at La Push anyway so I could be murdered for all she knew, grabbed my things and walked away. I headed towards the staff lounge. One step at a time. To my astonishment, the day proceeded as every other Monday morning. The teachers came in, complained about how weekends were never long enough, which students would be on detention before the end of the day, and asked how long before Friday came back around.

I turned sharply, my heart thumping wildly. Oh phew! Relieved, I smiled at the school administrator, Angela Cheney. "Oh hey, Ange. Weekend? It was um, eventful." I smiled wanly, cursing myself for that little slip-up. She hadn't even fucking asked and I rushed right out all defensive-like. She gave me a quizzical look as she poured her coffee.

"Well, I was about to ask about your weekend, but you just preempted me. Didn't you have that date with Jasper?"

Shrugging, my eyes pleading, "Let's just go with it could be somewhat subjective, depending on who you talked to."

"Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. I know how much you were looking forward to that date. I tell you what, I'll lend you my Ben."
I patted her hand. "Oh honey, thanks but no-one else wants your Ben."

She smiled beatifically. "Oh yeah, right. Not everyone likes geeky nerds. And besides, he kind of comes with baggage, what with the kids and everything." We both laughed.

Angela and her Ben. They were this happily-ever-after couple, all cute and sappy. Apparently, according to Ange, it wasn't like that behind closed doors and they argued like real people. Yeah, right. Apparently, it had taken them ages to work up the courage to talk to each other and sometimes, eight years later, they still didn't communicate very well to each other about their wants. I don't care. I see them and still to me, they are so sweet and obviously care about one another, and it makes me want it all, you know, that whole I-want-to-love-and-be-loved-in-return. They, with their three kids were 'The Waltons' revisited -- minus a few kids. She was talking about their weekend and how one child insisted on climbing the furniture, saying it was allowed because he was a Jedi-Knight-in-training. Indulgently, I smiled, wishing for the placidity and unflappability that Angela seemed to possess despite her somewhat hectic family life.

"So, no news to share?" she asked unexpectedly. She stared at me over the lip of her coffee cup and I might have flushed a little guiltily. Damn. Need to work on that.

"No, nothing. All fine. Good, in fact."


The Writing on the Wall by TwiCharmed
Chapter 5

We talked for a bit longer and my eyes kept dashing to the door every time someone walked through, but luckily for me, Jasper had not made an appearance before I headed to my first class of the day.

"Bella! Just give me a small nugget of info, please! I am dying to know more about your guy. You seem really happy this time."

I swallowed and looked at her. She was so excited for me, I couldn't help but to feel gratitude. Angela was a true friend who was sincerely concerned about my happiness. I realized that I really did want to share details about Jasper with her because he was truly different from all the others.

"Well...," I started and dragged the syllable out for with dramatic flare, "actually, Jasper is the best kisser,he is authoritative and gentle at the same time. I love spending time with him."

"Oh, Bella, I am so happy for you. You are absolutely beaming! I've never seen you so happy. You know what this is right?"


"You're falling in love!"

I thought about that for a moment. Jasper was different than any man I'd ever met and he made me feel things I had only dreamed about. I thought about him constantly and when we were together everything seemed to fit.

Feeling an overwhelming sense of epiphany, I grinned at her. "You're right Ang, I love him."

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