Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Are We Up To?

So, we have a few things going on and we wanted to share them with you. Some are old, and others are new, but we thought you'd like to hear about them...


TwiCarol has come up with this cool new form for you to easily submit us your Thursday teasers.

Just click on the link, fill it out and watch for your teaser to be posted here on Thursdays. You have until midnight EST Wednesday nights to get them in to us. If you don't have a direct link for your banner (i.e. photobucket) just e-mail us the banner and we'll include it with your teaser. Remember we take all Twilight teasers. It's a great way to draw your readers in, and pick up some new followers.


The contest is picking up speed now. We have nine fuckhot entries. I never curse (ask Kathy and Carol), so I must have really enjoyed these entries, but I need you to continue inspiring me! Get your entries in to us by April 30, 2010.

Check out the fics we've already received by clicking here.

If you want to submit an entry, you can do so by going to the Best Domination Ever Profile Page. All the rules and dates are on this page, but feel free to PM us or e-mail us any questions. You're not bothering us!


Yes, you can be a Naughty Girl for a day, and we'd love to have you! Starting Monday, we'll be featuring a dark, dominant author to rec/review a story that fits this blog's criteria. So, stop back on Monday to see who we've landed, and what they have to rec.

If you'd like to be a Naughty Girl For A Day, e-mail us and we'll set you up with a Monday. We love company just as much as we love presents!

Okay, so I think that's all we got for now, but we're really excited, so contact us with your teasers, contest entries or if you'd like to be one of us for the day!

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