Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TwiCarol's Fic Rec


Summary - Bella is a by the book lawyer who sees the world in black and white. When she meets Jasper, the only legal representation in small town Texas, will he make her see beauty in shades of gray? Jasper/Bella. AH/AU. OOC. Entry for “For the Love of Jasper”.

Lawsper... small town Texas Lawsper... that is all you really need to know and it should make you run, not walk, to go read this fantastic fic. But I will tell you a bit more, if you insist. OK, so it isn't dark, but it is a really wonderful read and I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I do. The brilliant first chapter is the original o/s that was an entry in the "For the Love of Jasper" contest. It is now six chapters in and it has me completely hooked. Bella leaves the city to go to Blessing, Texas, to help out her friend, Sam with his divorce from Leah. Jasper is the only lawyer in the small town and he is representing Leah. There is an instant connection between Jasper and Bella, but there are bumps in the road ahead. Oh, and the lemon in chapter one? On Jasper's desk, in his office? So damn hot! This story is written by brokenheadboards, which is a collaboration between AHelm and ilsuocantante. They are spinning a great tale together, and you should read it as soon as you can. Enjoy!

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