Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday

Your teaser for any of your Twilight fics can appear here next week.
Please e-mail us the link to your story and the banner if you have one.


Chapter 12

“Are you going to answer my question?” he asked. “Don’t deny where you have been sleeping. I know you haven’t been home, and you smell of Jasper. My guess is he has taken my place, and he holds you while you sleep.”

“Who has taken my place?” I spat. “At least Jasper and I are just friends. He’s comforted me and protected me against you. What is it that you’re doing?” I yanked my hand from his hold.


Chapter 13

Bella finally fell asleep after hours of reassuring her that both Carlisle and I would do everything in our power to keep her safe. It couldn’t be possible, could it? Was he getting in here undetected? The thought of him touching her made me want to retch.

I stood up and began pacing the room, waiting for Peter and Charlotte to come back. I was so lost in thought that when Carlisle spoke, it caught me off guard.

“I’m going to call Emmett and Rose to come back to the room; Peter and Charlotte should be returning soon.”

I nodded and walked to the window. A few moments later Emmett and Rose were walking through the door. I walked back to the sofa where Bella was laying and lifted her into my arms. I started to place her in the bed, but thought better of it. I refused to let her out of my sight.

A Change Within by Jasper's Darlin Kathy

Chapter 3
"I came here for Bella, who are you?" She asked in a cat-like voice.

"I'm afraid that you will not be touching her."

She laughed, "And who is going to stop me? Her precious Edward isn't here, I already checked the house."

"I will be the one stopping you." I snarled.

She dropped into a crouch, "Let's see what you got, Peter."

How the fuck did she know my name? I dropped into a crouch before I could think about that too much.

Bound by Promises by Jasper's Izzy

The door led to a small hallway. Glancing out into it, I noticed it led to another room where I could faintly see a light shining from it. On shaky legs, I slowly started walking down the hallway. With each knew step, a feeling of dread crashed over me. The noises in my head were becoming louder, making my heart pound wildly. I was now seeing flashes of color with every scream that coursed through my mind.

I briefly wondered if I was crazy. If maybe whatever had happened to me had caused these wild hallucinations I was obviously having, but I knew these weren't hallucinations. I was trying to remember something. With every step my feet took, more of the memories were trying to break through to the surface, and I was powerless to stop them. It was all coming so fast now, and I felt as if I was going to crash from the weight of it all.

Taking the last step from the hallway, I froze. The first shred of familiarity washed over me as I noticed the man sitting in the chair, looking silently at the floor, but, he wasn't a man. He was a vampire, and one I knew well, but not who I should be expecting to see. Confusion raced through my body, until his eyes snapped up to meet mine. It was there, in the murderous glare he gave me and sent shock waves of despair and fear through me, that I finally remembered.

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