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Bella's Dirty Notebook - Naughty Girls Pick

Today we are featuring one of our two Naughty Girls Picks in the Best Domination Ever Contest. I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely and talented  tiffaninichole  and so, without further ado, I'm going to let her tell you a bit about herself in her own words, before we begin the interview...

My life in a nutshell : I'm married to an amazing man and have three of the zaniest kids on the planet. Thanks to coachlady1, I'm now not only addicted to Twilight, but also the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Twitter (follow me! @Tiffnificent!!!) Um... I'm 25 and am gonna be 26 on July 12th. CANCER! Woot-woot! I'll probably stay home with hubby and watch a movie for my birthday. I live a wild and crazy life *breaks out the sparkling cider*

1. What got you into writing Twilight Fan Fiction in the first place?

Well, I never planned on writing fanfic. I was content with lurking and reading my favorite stories until one day, I came across the Littlest Peen Contest page and I just KNEW I had to write something for it. My twisted sense of humor wouldn't let me pass it up! Hahaha! I ended up getting second place and took that as encouragement to keep going, and now, here we are! Woo hoo!

2. Tell us more about how you came up with the fantastic storyline for Bella’s Dirty Notebook.

I knew I wanted to write something for the Best Domination Ever Contest, I just had no clue what it was gonna be about. One day, the idea just literally popped in my head. I think I may have asked my six-year-old to hand me my notebook (because I keep one near me at all times) and when she went to grab it, a bright light shone down from the heavens. Angels sang and flittered around my head playing harps and sprinkling me with golden angel wing dust before giving me their blessing to write Bella's Dirty Notebook... true story.

3. Which is your favorite pairing to read and to write? Do you prefer canon or does your heart lie with Jasper?

I started off as a hardcore B/E shipper. When I came across Bella/Emmett, Bella/Carlisle, Bella/Jasper fics, I would literally become disgusted! I used to think "Why in the hell would they do that? Bella BELONGS with Edward!" But one day I was bored and looking for something different and decided to try out a Bellsper fic... and I've never looked back. I just love them as a couple <3 <3 <3 I don't even really read canon anymore. The story has to be REALLY good and unique for me to read an E/B fic. My loyalties lie with The Major *swoooooon* I'm also on a femmeslash kick. I heart girl/girl lovin', especially Alice/Bella. Hotness!

4. Talk to us about what else you are working on at the moment.

Well, I'm about halfway done with a o/s for the Alternate Shippers Contest. Can you guess the pairing? *snickers* I'm also gonna write something for the Long Distance Lovin' Contest and am contemplating writing a femmeslash fic for the Darkella Contest. Me and Kitty Cullen-03 are talking about getting together again for the Don't Mess W/The Help Contest, since we had so much fun with the Public Lovin' Contest. Gawd, I'm such a contest h00r. It's so addicting! Oh, and I'll definitely be continuing Bella's Dirty Notebook, since it's my most popular fic... it's so freakin' awesome to have over 100 alerts, favorites and reviews for ONE o/s! I'm in the cool crowd now! *hides pocket protector*

5. What are some of your favorite FF stories, that you can’t wait to see the updates for?

Okay, this is off the top of my head, so I know I'm gonna forget some!
- Bourbon and Tea by zigster
- Uncomfortable by Savannah_Vee (I feel cool, 'cause she's been my home slice since before she got all popular and shit! Hahaha! She also got me hooked on slash. I now have an obsession with boy/boy love.)
- Beyond Time (and anything else) by TKegl (her stories pwn me. Have you read All Aboard? JEEBUS!)
- Everyone Still Loves Alice by shamrock317 (Alice is so hawt in this fic!)
- Any J/B fic by letmesign (*smiles dreamily while thinking about "Layers" and "French Roast and Riptides"*)
- A Love Like This by mw138 (it's an A/J story and Jasper is so effin' swoony! I'm not above threatening her when she takes too long to update.)
- Bella Swan: Zombie Killer by Kristen Nicole (sooo amazing!)
- I'm also impatiently waiting for Fates-Love-Queen to update The Adventure of Wing Girl and the Lipstick Lounge. It was a o/s for the Fun W/Your Clothes On Contest and she told me it would be continued. Some of the best femmeslash I've read and I can't wait for more! *hint, hint*

And now, the Naughty Girls have their say...

Hot, hot, hot! Do I need to say anything else? Okay...Jasper is a controlling, dominant boss and he doesn't take well to insubordination. So, can you imagine what he'd be like in the bedroom? God! Bella is going to find out exactly what this powerful man wants and needs. Once Jasper finds Bella's notebook, he realizes how things are going to play out. Can Bella handle her deepest desires coming true? You'll have to read this extremely well written o/s to find out. Warning... steamy lemon alert!

So, if Jasper was my boss I would keep a dirty notebook of all the things I want to do to him too. Oh who am I kidding, he wouldn't even have to be my boss to keep a notebook like this. Oh and then to have him make all your fantasies come true, well that is exactly what I'd want to happen. I loved this o/s. It was dominant, sexy, hot as hell, and oh so yummy. Go ahead, fan yourself I know you need to after reading this one. I would love to see this o/s continued.

Yummy, yum, yum, YUM! Did I mention YUM?! This fic made me resent my own boss for not being Jasper. Damn it! Jasper is so hot in this that it defies description. Bella is SUCH a lucky girl! I absolutely adored this o/s, and I love how the author took the idea that the angels bestowed upon her and ran with it. ;) Nicely done! I would REALLY love to read more about these two, if the talented author felt so inclined to continue it. *hint, hint* In fact, there’s a poll on her FF page, so go vote! I already did.

Look out for tiffaninichole to be featured on our blog again on Monday, June 14. As part of her prize, she will be our Naughty Girl For A Day, so don't miss it.

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