Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Fleeting Escape - Honorable Mention


Summary - Set after Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward are married. She was changed after the honeymoon but craves more than Edward can give her. Her deepest, darkest needs are met by another one of the Cullen men. Written for the Best Domination Ever contest.

The three of us loved this fic so much that we decided it deserved Honorable Mention. Congrats!

Cullen818 - This was a continuation of BD.  Bella isn't getting what she needs from her husband, so she takes what she can get from Jasper. And, boy does he give. He is so dominating in this fic, but it's clearly what Bella craves. I often find myself thinking about this captivating story. My favorite part has to be the creative way Jasper leaves his mark. You'll need to read to see what I mean. And, I'm thrilled to say that the author has continued on with the story. It's now currently three chapters in. Domsper awaits you!

TwiCarol-This o/s is deserving of its Honorable Mention. It is well-written and H.O.T. As a Jasper girl, I loved the idea of Jasper being able to give Bella what Edward can’t. As for the scene in front of the mirror…*THUD* If you haven’t read this yet, what on earth are you waiting for? It’s FANTASTIC!

Jasper's Darlin' Kathy - I needed a cold shower after reading this o/s. OH MY DAMN!!! Having Jasper in front of a mirror, hell yeah. Hello, that was oh so fucking yummy that I read that scene three times. Yeah you heard me right, three times and I may in fact read it again. This fic definitely deserves an Honorable Mention. I bow down to the writer of this fic for the mirror scene. That was the best domination ever!

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