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Naughty Girl Monday - Hopeforastalemate

Today we are honored to have a friend of the Naughty Girls making a guest appearance on our blog. Hopeforastalemate has an interesting take on the darker side of fan fiction and that is pretty evident in her fics Breaking and The Scarlet and the Gold. You'll never look at Carlisle the same way again after reading these fics. She also has an interesting take on the ever intriguing Volturi, so stop by her profile page and give her work a try.

I was honored when cullen818 invited me to be a Naughty Girl for a day. I’m still reasonably new to the Twilight fandom. I only started reading it near the end of last year, and I’ve only been writing it for a few months. I’m happy to have the chance to share some of my favorite dark stories with you. Since there’s no way for me to review ALL my favorite stories here, you’ll have to check out my list on my FFN profile under my penname, hopeforastalemate.

I like dark stories, but I have a pretty broad idea of what “dark” means. For me, it is as much psychological as it is literal, and horror does not necessarily need to be present. In fact, some of the best dark stories I’ve read are completely psychological. I think that the only real darkness is that which we find in ourselves. Any story that reminds me of just how faint the line is between monster and man goes on my favorites list. My favorite characters are Carlisle and the Volturi. I don’t like Jacob, Renesmee, or the wolves much, and I really don’t like all human stories. To me, that defeats the purpose of Twilight fan fiction, an escape from everyday life.

Let’s start with a few one-shots. My first pick is Deceptive Little Flower by LoreliD. This one is an even split between psychological and literal horror. The author has written three stories, one still in progress, dealing with Jane and Alec. They are all excellent, but this one is a standout. Jane, whom we so rarely see in any sort of pleasant sexual situation in the fandom, has a hot dalliance with a human boy. Though a teenager, she definitely proves herself the adult in this one. The sex is somewhat graphic but romantic in an odd way and pretty much in character for Jane. The author is extremely descriptive, and the scene plays out just like a movie. I was quietly cheering Jane on through the entire scene and couldn’t summon up much pity for her innocent human lover (and victim). Jane is both beautiful and hot in this piece, and the author expertly manages the balance between innocence and evil that is uniquely Jane.
While you have all probably heard of this one, I wanted to say a bit about one of my all time favorites, The Hummer by Mabarberella. It’s a Bella/Carlisle one-shot and one of the first stories I read in this fandom. In fact, it was one of the stories that inspired me to begin writing my first fan fiction story. The sex is scorching hot, but there is a great deal of darkness in the story too, mostly from Carlisle…a Carlisle absolutely out of control. This is a Carlisle possessed by one thing, Bella’s smell. Not her blood but her body. He wants her to the point of madness and insanity, and he takes what he wants. Accommodations are made for Esme and Edward, but they are not the focus of this story. Bella doesn’t stand a chance against Carlisle’s lust. Just read it, okay? Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

To round up the one shots, I have a character piece. It doesn’t involve sex but rather focuses on the emotions and motivations of the characters. The story is Comfort  by Kebire, a short Aro/Sulpicia one-shot that takes place immediately after Didyme’s death and funeral. In one quick scene, we see a side of Aro that most of us wouldn’t expect, the side that grieves and feels guilty. That is the question this story asks. How could Aro kill his own sister? In this story, we find the beginnings of an answer and a bit more of the motivations of the woman by his side.

One multi-chapter, in progress story that I love is A Thousand Stairs by Kyilliki. Kyilliki is an absolutely amazing author all around and has written a lot of the best Volturi stories in the fandom. I recommend checking out every one of her stories. I’ve recently corresponded with her and found out that she will be leaving the fandom in a few months. But she has promised to finish all of her unfinished stories. I hate that she’s leaving, but at least she’s leaving us with some wonderful stories. Everything she’s written is excellent, but A Thousand Stairs is a standout. The chapters are very short, but they say so much in very few words. The author’s style of writing is something that I have never before encountered in fan fiction. It has a delicate elegance that relies heavily on painting word pictures in order to convey the atmosphere and emotions of the setting and the characters.

I do consider the story, and all this author’s stories, to be dark, at times very dark. Her stories are mostly Volturi-centric and deal with the Volturi as people, real people and yet, at times real monsters too. This particular story focuses on the relationship between Aro and Sulpicia over the course of the years. We see her change, and we see her fall in love with Aro. We see Caius fall in love with and change Athenadora. We see the war with the Romanians (and why it happened), Didyme’s murder, the creation of Jane and Alec, the results of Jane’s adolescent crush on Aro, and even the arrival of Carlisle. We see “behind the scenes” and find that the Volturi are capable of great evil and great love, brutality and tenderness. And perhaps in seeing their struggles we recognize a little of ourselves.

So that’s it for me for now. I’ve enjoyed being here, but I’ve got some stories of my own that need tending. Feel free to find me under my penname on FFN. In particular, if you are a Volturi fanatic like I am, I would love to hear from you!

In darkness and light,


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