Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - 1920's Gangster, Edward Masen, wants to protect Bella, a damsel in distress. Will he find love along the way? Will he desire to change his lifestyle? One-shot for Age of Edward Contest. AH/AU Edward & Bella

So, don't fall down! I'm rec'ing a o/s that isn't so dark and dominant this week. I found this fic while searching for dark stories to rec on this blog in the future. I'm currently reading the author's full blown story (which I will be reviewing on this blog shortly) and I thought this o/s was worth mentioning. It put a huge smile on my face and who couldn't use on of those?

This is a great premise and could easily be turned into a full length story, but it also stands alone just perfectly. Edward as a gangster with a heart of gold. How sexy. Bella has found herself in a bad way, but what she didn't expect was being saved by this bronze haired God. It's a sweet story with a bit of drama and of course some darkness (this is my rec, after all). So, go check this story out, I think you'll like it.


Summary - Fun With Your Clothes On contest - Bella drags Jasper & Peter to an exclusive rave, promising a night of dancing, fun & reckless abandon. The wild, sexually charged atmosphere leads to an unforgettable bump & grind for all three. Non-canon, obvs.

I came across this o/s a while ago and saved it on my phone, for just this purpose. I duly forgot that I had done that, but now I have remembered, sooo... you're welcome. This little gem is well worth a read, so head on over there right now. Jasper, Bella and Peter have a unique relationship and their sexy dry-humping session on the dancefloor is completely f*ckhawt. Definitely the most fun you can have with your clothes on. ;) Enjoy!

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