Monday, May 3, 2010

Naughty Girl Monday...racejunkie

Well, here we are again! This time we are thrilled to have the ever talented racejunkie hanging out with us and sharing with us a hot Carlisle fic. Yum! If you haven't read our Monday Naughty Girl's fics, you should. She is responsible for bringing us a very sexy pirate Jasper in Tears of Gold. It's an extremely sensual story! She's also trying her hand at a dark story, which we love around here! She Talks to Angels features a darker Bella and is very creative. So, after you read her rec, head on over and check out her stuff!

Summary: Left alone in the Cullen's house when almost all the family is hunting, a highly frustrated Bella stops by the kitchen for a midnight refreshment to quench her thirst. Little does she know that another one of her cravings is about to get taken care of as well.

I was truly honored when Jasper’s Naughty Girls asked me to be a Naughty Girl for a Day. I thought back to all the ‘good’ stories I could rec and finally decided on a Carlisle/Bella o/s. This is Edward’s Little Temptresses first attempt at writing a story and I honestly can’t wait for her to write her second.

First of all, forget everything you’ve ever read about Dr. Cullen. Forget that he’s always caring, gentle, patient, etc…*laughs* Now for the review…

It starts out with the family gone on a hunt, leaving Bella alone at their house. Forks is experiencing a heat wave, which is affecting more than the weather. Bella goes downstairs to get something to drink and fantasizes about Edward with a cold Coke can in her hand. I’ll leave you with your thoughts for a moment…*smirks*
Ok, back to the story, Carlisle sneaks up on her and catches her in an intimate moment. This is not the sweet and family-oriented Carlisle from the Twilight Saga, this is a dominant Carlisle that I absolutely love. He makes her body feel things she never imagined in her wildest fantasies (and we know being with Edward, that’s all she has *evil laugh*).

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

"I can't…" she struggled against him once more, hating herself as her brain recognized just how good it was making her feel to have someones hands, other than her own on her rapidly heating body.

She couldn't understand what was happening to her, she should feel repulse by his touch, by what he was doing to her, by just the mere thought of what he would surely do to her if she couldn't find a way to stop this madness and yet… it felt so good, there was no denying that, no matter how wrong she knew it was.

"Your mouth says something… but your body… that's another story… you want this, don't you?" he growled in her ear before chuckling softly when he saw her shake her head and bite down on her bottom lip. "You want me to touch you, Isabella… You want me to fuck you…"

A small moan escaped her lips as she heard him call her by her full name, her reaction incomprehensible to her and as she saw him smirk once more to her, she knew she was doomed. She felt close to tears at the thought of betraying Edward in any way, and with his father of all people, but at the same time, she knew she would never be strong enough to push him away and stop him from taking her if that was what he wished. Her traitorous body wouldn't let her a choice in the matter anyway, months of frustration having apparently taken their toll on her and rendered her incapable of fighting her cravings.

I’ll leave it right there. If you enjoy that tingly feeling like I do *winks* check out this smut filled o/s. I guarantee you’ll never look at or think of Carlisle in the same way again!!! I know I don’t. This chapter-long lemon has forced me to look for other Carlisle/Bella stories. Just imagine the knowledge a 300+ year old man has about pleasing a woman. All that experience…hmmmm. “Paging Dr. Cullen”

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